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  1. Hah! Another usernote that you will most likely never read!

    ...unless I can somehow manage to magically convince you to come back here.
  2. ...betrayer.

    My poor KOS-MOS!!! Brutally outvoted!!! Just like that!!! =(

    And I bet Mio won't make it past this round either. =(

    Why, cruel fate? WHYYY!?

    *dies from the overwhelming amount of sadness*

    No, wait! That's not dramatic and poetic enough! Nowhere near enough! Take 2:

    *is devoured by the cold, dark emptiness flowing out of the grotesque hole where my heart used to be before it was shattered by the unbearable sadness, and the remains were lost in the sea of sorrow caused by the darkness from which the sorrows and coldness get together with the emptiness and go visit the unbearable remains of grotesque holes..... wait, what as I talking about again?*
  3. Oh yeah, I forgot you had to trigger the bonus dungeon. xD

    And it's ok, Ring a Bell can get stuck in my head pretty well too... Even the Japanese version. xD It's really catchy. ;_;
  4. ...and I also got "Ring a Bell" permanently stuck in my head now.
  5. AAAARGH! NOOOOO!!! WHYYYY!? I missed a certain detail that has to be done mid-game in order to trigger the events leading to Vesperia's bonus dungeon being opened! DAMN IT! Now I can't access the bonus dungeon unless...

    ...that's it! I'm gonna speed-replay this game at hard, on NG+! And I'm going to do it now. Yes. Right away. I just finished the game, and the first thing I'm going to do is play it all over again from the very begining!!! =(
  6. Yeeees~ <3
  7. There. Jakuri got my vote instead of Maria. Happy now?

  8. "Chom, chomp" goes the Great Muncher!
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