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  1. Come back! I'm back for realsies, this time! Like for real, for real! Truly!
  2. The master of perfect timing...I am not. XD
  3. Oh what the hell? I'm about to leave for a week and you come back.
  4. Heya!
  6. We move on only to find the same stuff here.
    We are lost.
  7. You were intent on getting a user note from us.
    This pleases us, so We decided to throw you a note.
  8. The Dread Pirate Ratsbane FTW!

    I say, that looks just like MNiS! No wait... I'm sorry, that thing looks cute, it can't be him. My mistake. (I love you, MNiS!)

    Hope ya enjoyed it.
  10. I miss my dignity.

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