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  1. It's basically "Touhou Bomberman", with lots of added awesome. =D

    For reference, here's a 4-hour marathon of the game we had during a Touhou Sweden meetup:

    Touhou Bomberman maraton 3:50 timmars speltid från meetupen - YouTube

    ...just jump forward a bit though. The first stage was custom made by one of the other guys... and it kinda sucked.
  2. Never heard of it. :o
  3. Never heard of it. :o
  4. Played Detonate on Sound? "Bomberman" at its best.
  5. Vote in the video game babe tournament! =D
  6. The only reasonable explaination for not being into it is because you haven't played enough other actual people! =D

  7. I played 12.3 the day it came out, I know what it's like. I'm just not that into it.
  8. Yeah, I didn't really like 13 as much either. I did like some of the spellcards of the final boss, but the rest was kinda meh. And I actually really dislike the design of the Extra Boss too, sadly.

    12.3 is pretty awesome though. It's one of the most entertaining 2D fighters I've played actually, save Super Smash. Would totally recommend trying it out.
  9. Nope. I haven't really played anything Touhou for a long time, now. :x

    And yes, I have tried Touhou 13. It's... okay, I guess. ZUN's losing his touch, I think.
  10. Do you ever play Touhou 12.3?
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