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  1. I should also note that I set up the emulator with a frameskip and a couple of other settings, now that I think about it. When trying to find out the emulator I used, there actually was a lot of complaints that most are garbage. And compared to playing on the PC with an emulator it definitely takes some tweaking and trial and error. So I guess the one I use may not actually count without some messing around that is rather annoying from time to time. I totally forgot I did spend a little while booting up a couple random games just to test and edit settings..
  2. Did you get your PSP flashed or hacked at all? It's fairly easy to do these days. Used to have to run a program to first hack the battery, and then hack the system and the install custom firmware. These days there's a program you can just open and it immediately opens up your PSP to run custom content. The SNES emulator I use has a really long name. There's like 3 of them that function basically the same. Mine is a version of SNES9x with some weirdly long text string at the end staring with a Y, but this site seems to have just the regular without all the bells and whistles :
  3. What's a good SNES emulator for PSP that plays the fan translations? Never got them to work well.
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