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  1. Jess, I have been violated.

  2. These things were born simultaneously along with the internet.
  3. Time before Internet exists? Such time exists? Where will all the porn and pirated games come from!?
  4. This was before the time of the internets, Ms Christmas!
  5. From the legendary EBay!!??
  6. Nope, but my first glow worm broke so I got a new one.
  7. Does glow worm reproduces itself to have little glow worms too?

    I bet little Jess should be super cute!
  8. Glow worm was glow worm. S/he would glow in the dark and keep me company at night when I was a little Jess!
  9. What is the name of that cute adorable creature?

    Anything that wears pyjamas is awesome for my case.
  10. I used to have a glow worm that wore clothes. Pyjamas, to be exact.
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