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  1. It's getting to be kind of cold in the mornings again now! I want slippers
  2. Woo hoo!
  3. It is slowly becoming slightly less hectic which is good! There will come a time when all the hectic is gone and we can all relax and rejoice
  4. Your life sounds pretty hectic right now! But it's great that you're making progress with your plans.
  5. I am good! Busy day. I'm moving in with my brother next month into a flat until I hopefully go Uni in 2015, but until next month me and my brother have moved back into the old room we shared growing up at our parent's house today. Seriously, our lives are like a Wes Anderson movie right now
  6. I'm glad you're still around. I'm fine and dandy, Alive-Girl! How are you?
  7. Don't fear, I am alive! I've kept getting so caught up with stuff, like, lots of different stuff and especially the life changing stuff concerning myself. I haven't been able to give EoFF my full attention been finding it hard to keep on top of my game here! It's shameful. I'm sure though soon enough I'll be bugging everyone on here again!

    How are you, Jess is keeping people's eyes on Eyes on Final Fantasy <3 Recognised Member ?
  8. Where have you gone?
  9. They're cute, I like them! I think it's great that you've been able to confide in your brother. It's a big step to take and you should be proud!
  10. I'm ordering these tomorrow. It's really fashionable around my area for girls to wear big chunky Nike trainers right now, with leggings and stuff. I can't wait to get these!

    One of my brothers. He was shocked but then said a lot of things about me make sense now. Actually, he's pretty excited about it, too, he's into punk and thinks it's such a crazy far out hardcore thing to do I'm just glad he's fine with it. I don't really know how to tell anyone else. I'm probably going to put it off until the absolute last minute, like, when I begin to grow breasts, I'm probably gonna have to say something then, you know? I just don't want to come out and not look good doing it! It sounds so vain but, it's just really important for me to pass in public, it's the thing about transitioning I'm dreading. At least as male people leave me alone but if it's obvious and I kind of look neither, it's pretty scary and upsetting. But I have to go through that to get where I want to be, so yeah.
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