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  1. Same for all of us.
  2. So old.
  3. Sounds about right.
  4. Everything hurts, the world is a scary place, and kids won't stay off my lawn. So, you know, it feels exactly like my twenties.
  5. Happy birthday, how does it feel to be "over the hill" so to speak?
  6. I agree, on paper the battle system seems great but in practice it has too many problems with it to reach it's full potential, only with the major optional bosses does it come to play and even then Quick-Hit spamming even makes that slight praise moot.

    I'll probably ask them to let me back into Events Committee once I finish classes.
  7. You can always ask to be let back in to the event forum. I assume that your access before was just related to your staff status and they neglected to give you access to it when that was removed.

    But I whole heartedly agree on FFX. When you can tell at the start of the battle which characters to use, and there's no penalty for switching them in and out, anything resembling strategy goes out the window. And manipulating turn order doesn't really matter when they just do the same old haste and slow spell stuff, and the game is far too easy to begin with. It might as well have been an atb system for all it mattered. Hell, I actually think that knowing the turn order at all times and being able to know what will change it and how before doing something makes it even easier. You can easily just play it safe and always be prepared for the next enemy turn if need be since you know exactly when it will happen and there's will basically never impact your turn order.
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