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  1. ahhh thank you, you are the first person here to wish me a happy birthday
  2. Happy robot appreciation day!

    Robots aren't born, but they're created, and today we celebrate. I really wanted to find a picture of a blood elf hunter with a charmander pet to post here, but I couldn't find one.
  3. D:
  4. When viewed at a glance, your avatar looks like a fire whale.
  5. no problem
  6. Thank you
  7. My blog still exists (although it's never used) but it's kind of a mash up of TBC and WotLK. I would direct him here

    Scroll to the bottom where there's an index. Start with part one.
  8. A friend and I recently started to play on a private BC server to relive the best days of WoW. He wants to play hunter and is a little rusty, so I was wondering if your old blog would be a good place to direct him for info. Or if it's still up. I don't even know it's name.
  9. I did not. I scared him away by telling him I was a man IRL.
  10. Quote Originally Posted by you
    I mean there was that one time some guy in World of Warcraft wanted me (a female tauren, aka cow-person) to track him down and /fart on him, I guess. But beyond that I'm having a hard time thinking of any issues I've had. Not to say that they don't exist, I just haven't ran into any of them.
    Now I'm really curious if you did or not.
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