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  1. I have not but I will check it out :}
  2. you did! congrats btw. although now that i think about it it's strange that Auntie Pike sounds so fitting and innocent, yet on the other hand something like "Uncle Paul" sounds perverse.

    also then, have you ever checked out GUNSHIP? They're pretty amazing, 80's style throwback band. their videos are sheer glory as well. I linked one in Uncle Paul's user notes, should check it out imho
  3. YES I DO

    btw did I mention I am a real Auntie Pike now my sister had a baby
  4. you enjoy the style of 80's music, right, Auntie Pike?
  5. i finally caved and made a twitter. you are the first person I followed!
  6. Guess what. My sister just had a baby. I am literally Auntie Pike now. :}
  7. Huxley wanted me to link this to you, and also inform you that it is an "incendiary interview"
  8. You are my favorite
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