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  1. RIP
  2. Oh no, I don't do that anymore. We only have one ISP in the area and I pissed them off a year ago and haven't pirated since. Boo.
  3. The very first one (Futari wa Pretty Cure) is but it's not really great quality. UNFORTUNATELY the easiest way to watch Precure is through seedy underground means, lol.
  4. Damn, that is a lot. Do you know if it's on Crunchy Roll?
  5. yeah that's a badly mangled English dub of Smile Precure lol but there are like, 14 different Precures
  6. oh trout it's that one on netflix with the fairy tale theme!
  7. PRETTY CURE specifically Fresh Pretty Cure
  8. ooh, what anime? game? is your stuff from?
  9. Probably not the entire thing but I might swing on over!
  10. Because neckbeards

    Are you going to watch the ALttP run? I'll be on!
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