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  1. True.
  2. ...I don't know if I agree with that. But then again once you've hit this level of dumb is it really worth making the distinction?
  3. After the holiday. Is it sad that the best thing about the story I can say off the top of my head was that it was at least better than FFXIII's plot?
  4. Do it.
  5. I'd probably write one of my classic essays. I may because no one is really digging into the game like it deserves.
  6. I just posted a random one in that thread. I'd have a hard time picking the weakest.
  7. Nice article. You're making me reconsider my ban on posting in FF forums I don't like for the sake of that "weak link in the plot" thread.
  8. Things could have been worded better, but I had you in mind when I wrote this.
  9. My dad's side at least. My dark sense of humor comes from him.
  10. I think our families would get along smashingly.
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