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  1. Ahh fair enough! I have both p3p and the original on psn, when it was on sale, so Im doing the female path first and then the male route on ps2 with the answer ^^
  2. I've skipped on P3 Portable, while the Idea of the altered events in the Female path are intriguing, I'd already played teh game a few times, and Portable lacks 'The Anser'. And I love me some Aegis.

    Not played Dancing All Night, but I'm not really a Rhythm game guy.
  3. Puahaha thanks xD I think I'm on my third playthrough of p4, with dancing all night on the side and doing my first playthrough of p3 female protagonist side (I heard the male has better events and ofc canon so I'll do his after).
  4. FF VIII aside, you have excellent taste. <3
  5. That link itself is my flull review, but yeah, it's quite fun. It's the same team behind Luminous arc that made it actually.

    It only has a couple things unique about the game play, but those couple things do add a lot and keep the game feeling different. Some fairly glaring issues with poor enemy AI and some other things, but I had a lot of fun with it.

    And thanks, I kind of need to change it though. I don't know how long it's been this for.
  6. Hello *waves* ^^ I saw that you have Stella glow in your sig and I'm so curious about it because it won't be coming to where I live until March next year Have you played it? It looks similar to Luminous Arc which I really liked back in the day hehe
    (Also I really like your avatar, Sailor moon ftw ^^)
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