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  1. Heh, well I personally think it's a great thing to find fictional works you can cry over. Allows you to be more in touch with your emotions without, you know, actually experiencing a real life tragedy.
  2. Thanks for the explanation on the Cry novels. I'm not sure if I should take that up, because every time I take up a good VN they usually leave me off worse for wear. Damn Japanese and their superior tear ducts. It leaves you changed, it does.
  3. Since you just asked me that, I'll take that as a freebie to shill.

    Ryukishi07 is the writer of the When They Cry series. What series is that? Well if you've ever heard of Higurashi or Umineko, that's what it is. More details here. He also wrote some other things and pretty much everything he writes is amazing.
  4. Tomoyo after wasn't yet translated when I finished it, sadly. And after my VN phase, I never really felt like revisiting it. Although sometimes I wish I'd played the Fate VN's.

    Anyway, my favorite in CLANNAD was Kyou, but it's a shame her story wasn't really the best in the VN. Too much focus on her sister.
  5. I've read all of them (well translated ones at least) except for Kanon. Little Busters is pretty great I agree, it's my personal #2 favorite VN of all time

    I probably wouldn't have enjoyed AIR as much as I did if I hadn't been part of a bookclub that analyzed the story in-depth and made me appreciate it a lot more. It's definitely still the weakest Key novel I've read but it has some great moments and plotlines and it's way better than the anime that really butchered the story. But if there's one Key novel that I feel is underrated it would have to be Tomoyo After. Yes the intro sequence is one hour of porn. But after the intro film it leaves that behind and becomes a really great story.
  6. I'm fairly sure After story wasn't out yet when I started, but it was over when I finished. Man, must've put in a hundred hours. Crazy long stories sometimes.

    Hmm, let me think, I had a small VN phase. I've played Little Busters, a good one, that. Better than the anime. And of course Kanon, a must. Tried to get into Air, but it was too weird for me.

    Did you play any of them? If not, I recommend Little Busters.
  7. So around the release of the anime. Makes sense I suppose. I did read the unofficial translation as well, but that was just two years ago.

    Have you read any other Key VNs?
  8. I dunno, 8 years ago or something. It was an unofficial translation back then.
  9. Someone else who's read CLANNAD. Neat ^^

    When did you get into it?
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