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  1. Hello! I noticed you posting about not chatting to people much in one of the forums - I had actually dropped out the system for quite some time but now I am back! I love my new job doing payroll support - in the end things all turned out much much better! I hope this message finds you well! (Sometimes being made redundant can be the best that could happen!)
  2. It's been a couple of days, so you're probably up to like 500 positions now, aren't you! At least you can embrace change, even if it found you instead of the other way around. Did they buy a bunch of robots or something?
  3. Its really not that terrible I welcome the opportunity for change! I have applied myself to 100 different positions already plus I have until January to keep working I can't wait until someone snaps me up though so I can take a break and stop looking! :3
  4. You've been made redundant? Oh no, that sounds terrible!
  5. Yess!!! I did just get made redundant so any addition to the resume the of life is welcome! :P But thank you, I do appreciate the welcome I have been frequently hanging out in the chat room and have definitely being enjoying the company of this group :3
  6. On behalf of all the #eoffers, I'd like to welcome you to the official #eoff nerd club. There isn't actually any benefit, I'm afraid, but it looks great on a resume!
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