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  1. We can go with mangina. Whatever floats your boat

    China sounds nice. How was it?
  2. Mang? As in mangina? xD

    I love it. 3 is brilliant, but it's a really dumbed down version of 2, which makes me a little sad. 2 had no HUD whatsoever: the map was a paper map that you had to pull out, you had some gammy GPS in cars; it was brilliant.

    I worked in China before.
  3. Thank God It's Friday! Get with the times, mang

    Ah, I heard of Far Cry, but I've never played it. Don't think it's my type of game> Recently I've been digging more into old school or old schoo-styled JRPGs and I am pretty satisfied with that niche

    Good luck on looking a new job! Where did you work before? Are you looking for something similar?
  4. I don't know what TGIF means. Kids these days, with their slang and their ipods!

    I'm currently looking for a new job after leaving my old one. I spend more time playing Far Cry 3, tbh, and it's going great.
  5. It happens, I guess

    I'm doing pretty okay. I have a job that doesn't make me go "TGIF", so I guess that's a plus Wotcha yourself?

    Wotcha Fynn. How's tricks?
  7. So hey. I have a habit of popping into people's VMs, and since you've been feeling foreign, I figured "why not say hello to Quin?" So here I am! Hi!
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