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  1. omg its been so long!!! i havnt been on here since january!! 4 months!! wow. thanks i love xion i played 358/2 today! luv it!
  2. Omg I haven't talked to you here in a looong time! :kauberry:
    The angel Pikachu is adorable!!! :hello: I also like your Xion avatar. :moo:
  3. thanks! wats up?
  4. Omg I love your profile pic too!!! :hello:
  5. AAAAHHHH!!! I love your sig! :kaohappy2
  6. thanks!! i finally figured out a way to get my sig up. its different cause the other one was too big and i don't know how to make it smaller. oh wait i think i got something!
  7. Omg that cake is adorable!!! :hello:
  8. yeah!!! that cake is soooo cute!!!!!!! :kaohappy2 how r u?
  9. Woo!!! :kaohappy2
  10. I can finally post!!!!!!!!! im so happy!!!!!
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