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  1. GG again. I managed to see through your setup attempts, luckily - and use one of them for myself.

    Edit: Alrighty, rematch another time then I guess?
  2. GG. It appears I am too hungover to function properly today!
  3. GG! Rematch?
  4. No bothers Ulty! GG
  5. Oh crap - forgot you still only have level 1-2 cards, so I picked a set of high-level cards. Kinda unfair, but you still have a chance with Plus/Same at least. Still, a slightly unfair advantage for me.
  6. Haha, yeah I totally didn't see that coming either. Then, when I did see it, I was like "WHEEEE! YAY!"

    And sure. Always up for some TT games. Though it will be even more interesting if you get your hands on some more level 2-4 cards. The Quistis CPU only has level 1 cards, the Balamb Student has the level 2 cards - I recommend getting those first since he's much easier to beat than the other CPUs. And the "Balamb Dropout" has all the 3-4 cards. Since you must win your first level 3-4 cards with level 1-2 cards, he can be a little hard to beat at first though.
  7. What a kick in the teeth. I forgot you had a fish too! Great game nontheless, lets play again soon.
  8. Oooh great! Why did I forget you had a fish too! Ouch, ouch, ouch. Now THAT is what I call a combo. xD

    Edit: OH WAIT! OMG! You forgot I had a fish too! =D

    Pheeeeeeeeeew! Now that's what I call a close game.
  9. lol, second sudden death
  10. Good thinking with the fish, but Same and Plus doesn't take the elemental +/- into account for activation. =O

    It would have been a great move otherwise.

    Oh- whoop! You got another combo off anyway.
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