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  1. I once played a character called Randy Random in a project for class, for I am no doubt the most irregular person possible! Your taxi driver obviously has yet to set his horizons beyond the shores; I may school him in it one day!
  2. Jiro! it is sunday night and yes I am hammered! Do not evere neglect the greatness of you who are! For instance; a taxi man said to me toight that i was a vary random man, but I believe, NO I HOPE that this position belongs to you!
  3. I embarrass everyone! It seems like I should live in a cupboard BUT NAY, I WILL NOT. I will continue to be wacky and weird and y'all will put up with me
  4. Oh Jiro you embarrass me you horrible man
  5. Your best is all that a man can ask for.
  6. I will do my damnenedness good sir!
  7. Dude you just are like awesome so keep up the bloody good work!
  8. Very drunk pal, take care, and godspeed!
  9. Thanks for the confidence I need to charm these ladies!
  10. Yes! My work here is done.
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