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  1. Before I started playing FFVIII I wasn't into games really.
    I had my PSone for years and barely touched it until my friend started nagging me about the game, and I glad he did.

    Thanks to FFVIII I'm super nerd!
    Without it I might've been just a regular nerd that actually study in school.
  2. Cheers mate, I drew it before the elections but have only been able to put it up now really. Yours is unique too.

    Hehe, VIII is just mind-blowing. Before I played it, I was into games only like FIFA & stuff. It opened up alot of doors, and its where i get alot of inspiration from for my artwork & everything. I cannot think of anything in the game that wasn't perfect, and that includes the junction system. I actually enjoy reminsing about it!
  3. You don't know how much I love your signature.

    I really like FFVIII because of the old days that me and my friend used to play it together all the time non-stop.

    I even remember ditching school to play it.

    And of course because of it's storyline and awesome gameplay.
    I really don't understand why people hate the Junction System, it's mooch fun.
  4. Quote Originally Posted by You
    Yay, your favorite FF, is FFVIII!
    This game needs more love.
    I'm gonna mention on this too, its an incredable game to me.
  5. Why, thank you my good sire.
    I love yours, as well. :mog:

    Yay, your favorite FF, is FFVIII!
    This game needs more love.
  6. Love the avy.
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