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  1. Still waiting on that medal.
  2. So hot in fact, that you make me feel ordinary. No easy feat.
  3. And you will always be some cool drunk guy I want to hug to me.
  4. You will always be Lunar to me. *snaps fingers*
  5. Without Rocket Edge around much anymore, I am Zapped! without the telekinesis plot. Sigh
  6. I demand you get drunk and start hugging people inappropriately.
  7. LUNARUTO!!!
  8. Give me your villain tournament money and I'll give you a pimp cane and an inspiring shoulder-clap.
  9. I bought you these heart-shaped glasses. I plan to break them if you ever break my heart. Don't cheat on me NotTraffic or I'll slit you up.

  10. Lunar! Cried the big bad wolf.
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