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  1. im a night owl mate always have been
  2. What has you up this hour big guy? :shiny:
  3. I'll be in touch pal.
  4. i'm easy dude anytime you want & can afford.
  5. Sounds decent. When do you plan on heading over?
  6. I use these guys; and go by coach, hotel n 's included. There's pick ups in Dundalk, Drogheda & Dublin.
  7. What a fantastic idea. I've gone over a couple of times. Most recently was when Liverpool trashed us 4 - 1, still had a mighty time though. The only thing is I'm starting back in college come September, so money will be tight enough. Do you know how much the whole thing would cost us if we were to go?
  8. DONAL. Do u get to go over to see Unired much? I was thinkin all EOFFs United fans should go over for a game
  9. One Love. MUFC The Religion.
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