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  1. I wouldn't have us any other way.
  2. It's all we know or understand! I think it's fair to say we have become great friends. Bad people, yes, but friends, sure.
  3. Of course I do, OF COURSE I DO. Me and you, we base our lives on these crazes. We always have. Remember when we wore contact lenses on backwards for a whole month?
  4. I do believe I am signed up already. Have you got your ticket?
  5. Swim for money; the new deadly fad that is sweeping across the nation.
  6. You and your kind words! So how's it going, this game of life?
  7. Alive-Man, even your name makes me reminisce! Being a slave to these boards wasn't much fun without you
  8. The edge of the rocket may be the sharpest point. Are you flirting with danger, Rocket Edge?
  9. Oh the days of old...
  10. You just quite off Bud.
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