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  1. He's named after George Best.
  2. I always knew you were cool like that.
  3. My dog is also named George.
  4. Molesting is so last Tuesday. Gropeing is in this summer.
  5. I'd much prefer it if you just molested me.
  6. Here is your usernote that you wanted. Now I can kill you!
  7. Bet the downs on the beat, here we go tee, high! high! high!
  8. "OI TRAFFIC YOU SLAAAAAAAYG!" cried a voice. It turned out to be Santa, whom Traffic proceeded to kill.....slowly.

    The bastard ruined CHRISTMAS, so revived Santa (who was skinless because of Traffic's weird fetishes), and forced him to do the delivering crap again...but as a skeleton. Santa didn't like this, because the winter air really did chill his bones.

  9. :oscar:
  10. Catscans?
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