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  1. Tempest! great to hear from you. Hope you have a great holiday!
  2. It's been a very, very, very, very long time. So I figured I'd stop by and hi.
  3. A small island called Tenerife I think. The place where dreams are made of.
  4. Ooooo!!! Where are you going to go?
  5. Oh it's fine, apart from the weather of course. I only have to look at it for another couple of weeks before I gtfo out this country.
  6. It's a nice day out RE. How's Ireland?
  7. Vikeve sent me a message last month and I replied to her to come back again. Slade just disappeared. Ranty's still here though and I see he's a CK now. See what happens when I leave.
  8. Stick around for a while. I'm afraid our usernoting buddies of old haven't been active lately. (Slade, Vikeve, etc.)
  9. I am alive. I've missed you all so I came back. Don't know for how long of course.
  10. Tempest dear, you're alive!
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