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  1. Thanks mate. I swiftly remembered, went back and included it xD
  2. I think you forgot to include your drawing in your post because I don't see it.
  3. Curse that Team Four Star! They lied to me!
  4. This is propaganda. I seen Alucard robbing a cigeratte beside my locker, I woke up & seen the father christmas (this was 5am btw) and Alucard discussing world events out my window. This could be fabrication (or hallucination) but I do not think so. I am determined.
  5. It's a shame Alucard killed him and stole his sledge.
  6. God bless father christmas. He really is a great man.
  7. Never drank.

    My Christmas was pretty good. Got everything I wanted.
  8. I haven't been sober in 2 weeks. You?
  9. Christmas is Merry.

    How was your Christmas?
  10. Merry Christmas Ayen!
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