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  1. Native Ki. Language of the kikalots. :aimhappy:
  2. If your fond of sandunes & salty lakes, que little fingerlips, here and wake... - At the River
  3. It's not a really bad one though! I'm just a little out of it. :chef:
  4. *Ahem* Such as:

    Attack Number 1
    Strawberry blast
    - Kills all rasberries within a 50 yard radius.
  5. I r hanging over too! xD
  6. Ki Ki is a mutant strawberry.
  7. I remember someone called Trumpet Hero I remember.
  8. My irish sitting stance requires drinking alcohol (over 60% of all things are).
  9. In the sequel the mother is made into DUCKSOUP because what goes around comes around says Justin Timberlake.
  10. I'm not one to disagree with Bert, so i'll agree.
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