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  1. omg battle hax
  2. Rocket Edge is back to bring CHANGE, SEX, AGRO, JUMBO JETS, & OTHER USERNOTE PHENOMENA!!! Other things include stabbing Psychotic & bathing with Leeza, but we are never to speak of such atrocities.
  3. Happy Wednesday, too.
  4. As EoFF's resident tree-expert, Anaisa's view is to be trusted.
  5. & Harry Kewell has terrible hair, so think of how bad his is.

    Hey, anybody remember the football guy who had the really berserk hair? Valdorama I think his name was.
  6. Great, now I can't my favourite cereal.
  7. Almost nine seconds since I last saw the name Rocket Edge!
  8. Every usernote is unique in its own magical spastic way.
  9. I drink powerade, for the Cz in me.
  10. The real communication is done through tactical secretion of pheremones.
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