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  1. I miss you
  2. Oie, yeah my family is pretty small and the same thing has happened so far. A bunch of little girls. Maybe it's a genetic thing o.o

    Oh so you're with people who can help. That's good. I'd prolly do the same. I imagine it to be super hard alone. SO much stress. With your mom there to help it's probably much easier. Plus she did have kids, she's been through it. She knows things you have yet to learn
  3. Yeah, we were actually talking about how my family line is officially gone unless my 27 year old female cousin has a boy when ever she decides to have children. I only have one male cousin on my dad's side and he had a baby girl and they had a really hard time getting pregnant, and then had two miscarriages, so they won't be having anymore babies.

    And yeah, that's why I moved back in with my mom until we get stationed so she can help out and stuff. I think it bothers him more than it bothers me, but my families pretty military so I've been around like my sister raising a 2 year old without her husband and so on, just something we gotta do~
  4. Oie that's crazy :o I wish I had intuition like that. Maybe I wouldn't get speeding tickets. So basically your entire family had girls. No boys to carry on family names! EGADS

    Oie he only gets 2 weeks off? That's a lot of time by your self and the baby. I hope you don't get super stressed out. We're here for you just remember when that time comes!
  5. The only reason I knew was because like.. every cousin of mine has had a girl, my sister has two girls, my husbands brother has a girl and his sister has a girl, so.. everyone's having a girl. XD It would have been a massive shock if she was a boy. Not only that though, but I chawk it up to intuition because I knew I was pregnant before I even missed my period. Granted unprotected sex is always a reason to think that but we had been doing that for three months and this was the only month where one day like a week before my period I started to think I was pregnant!

    And he graduates basic training next Thursday but he won't be back living with me until late November/Early December because his AIT job school is 15 weeks long. =[ But when he gets his two weeks off, he's so going to be on baby duty, which I'm very sure he won't even mind. xD
  6. That's kinda odd :P The knowing it was a girl thing. I dunno Boy names are harder to think of me thinks. When does your man get back form everything so he can changed stinky baby butt?
  7. We dunno. xD I was like convinced 100% before we even found out she was a girl, that she was a girl. So I would refuse to look at boy names until we found out the sex. Plus when we did try to look at boy names we realized that our tastes are MASSIVELY different when it comes to boy names. xD
  8. Haha nice! What would you have named it if it was a boy?
  9. Yeah my husband and I didn't want a common name -at all-. So we just got a 10,000 names baby book and started reading! =D
  10. Awww that's a cute yet unique name. I hate the whole popular name thing. Kc is popular with my generation. Sometimes i'd go by my middle name so people wouldn't get confused D:
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