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  1. I have not. In either case, I'll probably get it on steam pretty soon anyway,.
  2. Yeah, its only ps4 so far AFAIK. Have ya played bastion?
  3. I would have loved to see your Rogue costume :3. I really want to play Transistor but I don't know why I haven't. I know I can get it on Steam on my PC but I kind of rather want it on my PS3 but it's only out for PS4 on consoles, right?
  4. Thanks! Last Halloween I dressed up as rogue from xmen but my hair was a hit short to really do pix sadly.
    You know, I've had a this set over a year and was gonna change out once I finished the game but no idea what to change into
  5. I went to a cosplay convention this weekend and saw a girl dressed up as the Transistor main character. I tried to take a picture of her for you but she disappeared before I could take one.
  6. I just arrived at my parents' place. I'm visiting them now that i've got a few weeks off from work. What were you gaming and what do you even work with/as

    I have some toilet paper but i don't think you want to wait for me to get over there with it
  7. Hey nm just gaming after work. U? Omg we don't live together or anything but almost asked u to get toilet paper cause we're out in this house
  8. hi what's up
  9. Oh yeah now I get it! If I was a video game character. Thanks, I guess!
  10. like on this site
    i'd find art of you and then use it as an avatar on eoff
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