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  1. It is very silly! Have you seen The IT Crowd or Black Books?
  2. i watched like 3 eps of father ted in one sitting i dunno
    i just wanted to see what it was about and here we are s01e03
  3. Alexander graham cracker
  4. MARCO YOLO <3
  5. Yeahhh!
    I'm on a tablet tho and copying into my list is hrd! Haven't though t of a goodie in a while
  6. Time for a custom rank change?
  7. Nah, I wasn't really there. Someday, man!
  8. if i ever make it to the west coast again i'll give you a ringy
    last time i was there was years ago for two weeks and i dont think you were there (it was vancouver 2006-7)
    it was also a time i wasn't on the e-nets tho so maybe you were
  9. It would be cool if we could hang out sometime.
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