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  1. Yay
  2. Sure.
  3. So I actually had motivation and inspiration hit me like a brick yesterday and suddenly I am breezing through my novel. Should have this draft ready by the end of the year if this keeps up! Can I still count on you to be a beta reader for this?
  4. Thanks for the advice. It helped.
  5. Hmm. Sounds tough. Don't really know what I can say to this other than I've had some intense stress in the past and from hindsight, I always looked back on it thinking "wow, here I am and I really didn't have to worry".

    Keep your goal in mind. Have faith in the future and remember that all crises are temporary. Sooner or later things will turn up.

    And, you know, as a religious person, you know who to turn to in times of real trouble I recommend the Pompeii Rosary Novenna. I've done it several times in the worst possible times for myself and each time it's helped tremendously.
  6. I screwed up at work and wound up ruining the twins' chances at getting in to work at TI with me (can't say a ton due to NDA type restrictions on internal company business, so suffice to say I asked the wrong person for help).

    Now we're tighter on money as they have to get new jobs (Chibi's gotten a new job, Minato's still looking), and every time I go to work, it just feels like a monument to my failure.

    I'm constantly stressing about being tight on money, and all the political insanity just makes everything worse.

    I don't really want to live in this world anymore, but I don't even think it'll be my choice soon. I doubt I'll live out the year. Constant stress, constant paranoia, and constant depression are eating away at me. My blood pressure is elevating, other health problems are showing up, and I just don't want to go on.
  7. Lots of worries about politics and personal finances just all adding up. Have chest pains that have lasted a couple days now.
  8. Yup. What happened?
  9. Have you ever been so stressed that you've legitimately worried that you might have a heart attack?
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