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  1. Well it's Tactics Ogre and CT next for now. My only long term gaming plans is Dark Souls 3. I'll need to get back into a MegaTen mood to get back into Soul Hackers.
  2. I get what you mean. SRPG burnout is definitely a thing, not to mention I also have a bunch of games I started and can’t get around to finishing, like Eternal Punishment, Devil Survivor 2, Regalia, FFTA, Bayonetta, and that’s not even going into games I have but haven’t played yet like Bayonetta 2, Zelda BotW, Suikoden and Front Mission. But at this point I decided I have way too much stress in life to let gaming become a chore so I just play what I feel like, regardless of any gaming “commitments” I may have. I’m hoping this more touch geeky approach can help me focus on what’s really important!

    But Soul Hackers is a good choice just throwing that out there <.<
  3. I still plan on making my way through the series, but it's not priority at this point. I need to finish Tactics Ogre, which is being a pain cause Arc the Lad kind of burnt me out on Tactical RPGs at the moment, and then I want to do a quick playthrough of CT on NG+. After that, I don't really know what I'll be doing handheld wise. I might go back to Soul Hackers or 4 Heroes of Light. Trying to finish games before starting new ones.
  4. I think the only real must-tries in my opinion are the Gold and Silver remakes, as they’re kind of the grand culmination to the “old Pokémon” formula (far more than Diamond imo) and the fifth generation games with their sequels, as you can tell they were really trying to put Pokémon on it’s head with these - and in many respects succeeded! Too bad fan backlash caused them to go the opposite direction with X and Y to the point of pandering, but I digress. Still have yet to play the latest games and I’m really looking forward to them and I hear those really do things differently as well so that’s cool
  5. I'm not sure I would make it that far. Pokemon never grabbed me as a game series like other Mon games. I think I only have up to Diamond, and I haven't even started that game.
  6. You can get one in X and Y
  7. True, but my goal was to also transfer my pokemon from my Blue and Red cartridges to silver. I want my Charizard dammit!
  8. No it’s actually a good thing. I’ve been playing in small chunks and don’t feel as obligated to sit down and play as I do with big console and PC games. It’s good. And yeah, ruby is cool. The remakes were the best part of generation six, but it still baffles me how they didn’t add the Emerald content (of which there is a ton) when Heart Gold and Soul Silver not only had all the crystal content, but pretty much all the stuff from gen IV and even some new stuff. Times have changed.

    Speaking of, did you know the original gold silver and crystal got a rerelease on Virtual Console on 3DS? Since your copy of Silver had a dead battery, this might be your best way to experience the OG Silver
  9. Sorry to hear you caught the Pokemon bug just as you were going to slow down on gaming. I still need to get back to Ruby now that I think about it. The collectathon and evolving Pokemon was always my favorite parts about the series.
  10. So now that I’ve decided to slow down with games a bit again, I kind of caught the Pokémon bug again. I’m finishing up the Pokémon Black post game and then I want to really sink my teeth into Heart Gold and Black 2 because I feel I didn’t spend as much time on those two games as they deserve, as they’re easily the two most content-rich games in the series. I’m especially looking forward to the Battle Frontier in HG and Pokémon World Tournameny in B2 as they’re two special modes that have you approach the games very differently. Plus, the latter has you fight all the gym leaders and champions that existed up to that point.

    One annoying thing about Black is that there’s this 20-level gap between the end of the main campaign and the rest of the post-game, so now I’m basically grinding :/ To be fair, a lot of the generation 5 Pokémon evolve super late- like in their fifties and sixties late - so at least I have some cool evolutions to look forward to.
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