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  1. Interesting, yeay the game gave me a DQVIII vibe, I have a feeling they were using that design to draw in Western players, while the 3DS version was for Japanese players. I hear you can dual-wield boomerangs in this game though...
  2. I mean, sure, but all these elements together make me think this is deliberate, especially with how they break the conventions set by III onwards. I’m expecting this to be deliberate, but we’ll see to what extent.

    Other than that, game is very good so far and appears to be expanding on many of VIII’s ideas, though I also see the shortcomings of that approach. The overworked is gorgeous, but far more segmented and narrow, making it kind of feel like dungeons connecting towns instead of one huge world map. There’s still a ton of hidden stuff to find so it’s not all bad. The skill point system is better because you get hexes instead of a list this time so you have way more options in how you customize your character - but so far my MC has access to two weapon categories and his special luminary skill, with a swordmastery category apparently available once you get far enough with either weapon. So there’s less weapon variety, even if the skill system plays out better than before.
  3. Interesting, but it's not like the games in the past haven't played heavy lip-service to DQI before. I mean you get Loto's sword in DQIX without having to bother with the Grottos, course you don't realize it's Loto's sword since the damn thing is rusted.
  4. So I’ve noticed the DQ theme has the same intro as the Erdrick trilogy - not the one used from IV to VIII, it from IX to X, or even a new one altogether. The “intermezzo” segment that plays on the menu screen is also lifted from I, while all games since III used a different theme. And there’s a lot of “Erd” prefixes in words. Then there’s the logo that looks very reminiscent of DQI’s. I have a hunch this may suggest XI is connected to the Erdrick trilogy,
  5. I'll check out XI eventually, but it's not a priority for me at the moment. I've heard pretty positive things outside of NeoCracker's qualms with the ending/post-game so I'm looking forward to it.
  6. Perhaps. I still won’t complain though since I have enjoyed every single DQ game I’ve played immensely and it looks like XI will be great too
  7. Squenix is trying to appeal to the twitchy action market I guess. They've been slowly pushing DQ out of it's classic formula since the merger if we're being honest.
  8. I mean, it is kind of a natural evolution of what we had in VIII and IX. And even in classic mode it’s never 1st person. But it’s like they added this other mode to make it feel like you’re playing an action RPG without making any other changes and it’s just awkward.
  9. Sounds like they're trying to still appeal to people like my friend who hate the FPV of the series battle system.
  10. So I’ve played roughly 30 minutes of DQXI because that’s all the time I have for it. It’s very pretty. They added a free camera mode to the battles in which you can run around, which is pretty pointless because battles are still absolutely turn based. Thankfully it’s optional. One big change though is that you no longer issue commands to everyone at the start of their turn, but only when their turn actually comes up and then they do it immediately. I’m curious to see how this will affect battle strategy.
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