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  1. I might take you up on that offer. I have a short story I'm writing that I'm hoping will inspire my artist to get more motivated. I've learned with collaborative works, it helps if both parties can keep each other motivated. I'm super excited for the project but I often feel my artists interests ebbs and flows. So I've been trying to keep her informed with my ideas and background info to keep her motivated.

    I don't know, I find it exciting when characters start to surprise me during the writing process. My main character in my book is like that. She started off kind of ho-hum and she constantly surprises me now. She's far less heroic than I first imagined she would be. She gets a damn criminal record for crying out loud and has no problem exploiting her powers for personal gain.

    I don't mind spoilers to be honest, so feel free to mognet message me if you want to go over bigger details. Also, I found this I felt you would enjoy it since you've likely been listening to a bit of her this week.

  2. It’s less that I have trouble and more that I still need to polish them up. Some of them are all over the place. Some have also changed drastically and I kinda like the changes for the most part? There’s this manservanf character who was this stone cold stoic in my head but when I started writing him, he started being much more upbeat and friendly towards the main character - which honestly works better with what role I have in mind for him.

    I’m also doing a bit better with long tail foreshadowing than I expected. I almost want to write you another long-ass magnet message about what I have planned for all this since I feel you might find the reveals very interesting but a) all of this might change so I don’t want to mentally set it in stone before I get to it, and b) since you’re one of my beta readers, I want you to be able to read this with an untainted eye

    Yeah, it’s kind of the biggest problem with collaborating. With me and my bro, I’m actually the one getting distracted. I’ve pitched him two ideas for comics, but I’ve procrastinated both while he’s provided me with tons of cool material. I really want to do them, too, it’s just that the novel takes priority for now.

    And hey, if you ever feel like you could use another pair of eyes to punch up your character dialog, you know where to find me
  3. Yeah it's been a big help, I keep treating this comic more like a film with entire sequences I hope to have planned out to certain songs, but my artist feels game. I just need her to focus on getting started. She gets easily distracted, meanwhile I've been utterly obsessed with this project for over a month.

    Sorry to hear you're having a hard time translating characters to page. Course that's almost always my problem as I often feel the characters are more interesting in my head than when I write them down. My artist complained my dialogue is really stiff and too formal, which is a bad habit of mine.
  4. Oh, that is a cool concept! I imagine it helps you get into the characters a lot. Meanwhile, I’m having a bit of trouble translating characters from my mind to the page, but I hope I can iron out the details one later exuts
  5. That's good, I just picked 4 Heroes of Light back again. I'm so close to the end that even though I've forgotten a lot of things, I feel I'll just read the wiki to get me back up to speed than start over.

    Most of my time has been doing a small side project for my comic. My main character listens to her dad's old iPod and has a playlist she listens to, so I've been constructing that playlist on YouTube to help with character themes I'm using to help write the characters and scenes. Helps explain the feel of certain scenes I want to do. It's been really fun and the list is close to 400 songs as of today...
  6. Mostly Pokémon Black 2 and Dragon Quest XI. Reached the post game in the former and still quite early in the latter, though I do have a full party now. It’s fun.
  7. It's understandable but awesome job just staying motivated and getting stuff on paper! What have you been playing?
  8. Playing a bit more games than I intended, but also not spending a lot of time on them. Reached chapter 5 of my novel. It’s going decent but I’m only writing around 200 words a day since I’m so tired
  9. Not bad, been working on my comic script and I just finished a playthrough of Dark Souls 3. How have you been?
  10. So it’s been a while! How have you been?
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