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  1. I'd be fine with another rhythm game, tbh. Though I prefer Theatrhythm's approach of "no story, just gameplay". It's not that P4DAN's story was terrible - it was decent - but as much as I loved those characters, they kinda overstayed their welcome.
  2. It was incredibly short lived. I'm already dreading the P5 spinoffs.
  3. I miss P3 being the thing everyone liked
  4. It's got the P3 thing going for it where the themes and mechanics are closely tied together, so I'm pretty happy.
  5. That sounds awesome. Gameplay and story integration is just the best
  6. Oddly no, up until this Confidant opened up, the arcade was just a meeting place. Basically the way Mementos works is that it functions like Tartarus from P3, but you can pick up missions to change the hearts of wicked people whose Shadows can be found there.

    In this case, the target is a business man who cheats at a local arcade in a Light Gun game, when you go to confront his shadow though, since he believes himself untouchable, your attacks always miss. So you have to go back to the real world and track down the one player who actually beat this guy at the arcade game to learn how to do so, and said kid turns out to be the Tower Arcana.

    Actually, one thing I suspected early in the game has come to fruition, now that I'm getting closer to the end of some Confidants and I love it because it actually ties all the game mechanics together very neatly.
  7. Gotta hand it to the Witcher - it knows when to keep things simple.
  8. That is also amusing XD Wait, so does the arcade game factor into Mementos somehow? And do you actually play it?

    Just had a sidequests that just made me feel more for these side characters more than any FF in recent years...
  9. That's amusing. I just had to open a new social link with a kid, so he could teach me how to play an arcade game, so I can actually beat a target in Mementos who cheats at said arcade game.
  10. So that guy I suspect abused his wife? He's the head of the local card league
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