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  1. Oh yeah, there is the clinic, but I had the problem of just burning through my SP in the battle. With Naoya and Yukki spamming Megidolaon with their not-too-cheap Personas, the lack of chewing souls made the thing uber stressful

    I mean, I like the geekiness of it too, but it;s just weird to me that no one really point it out in game. In game he's treated like straight-up beefcake and it's just hard for me to suspend my disbelief on this
  2. Well you do have the clinic to go back to and it's not too hard to get to the proper floors in the optional dungeon.

    Yeah, Tatsuya's hairstyle is geeky but I kind of like bucket head. It makes him look relatively normal compared to the quirky squad he's running with. Personally I like it better when he starts sporting the red track suit in EP.
  3. Good luck with that. It would probably have been much easier for me if this path actually let you buy Chewing Souls...

    Btw, Tatsuya's hair continues to be stupid. I get that it's supposed to resemble a motorcycle helmet. But it just looks so weird and I can;t help but feel it was dated even when the game first out, since I can't remember anyone in the 90s favoring that style. And yet he's considered the hottest thing around by the whole school? What?
  4. I hear that, I'm still grinding in my file for the Mask battle.
  5. Just managed to download Innocent Sin at work. Ueeheeheehee
  6. I'm assuming the fan reaction wasn't really helping matters at that point.

    btw, just beat the Snow Queen Quest today. Went ahead and tried it without grinding for the ultimate personas. I probably went too early because the only reason I managed to win was because Lilim can absorb all magic, so I ended up cherry tapping the boss to death with just Naoya alive. Fun times. But I still wanted to take that risk if that meant I could save several hours by not grinding.
  7. It's nice for at least making you focus on an idea. I don't think I do NaNo to complete a novel, but at least get off my ass and start working on a project I've been putting off.

    I don't know, checking some background info, it seemed to me like Team Silent was already kind of dissolving in the background by SH3 as a few key members were already leaving. SH4 itself had several new staff members join Team Silent which is partly why it was so experimental.
  8. Sure, I agree, but I still think it doesn't really deserve the criticism it gets. This is especially bad because the strong reaction against SH4 is probably led to the disbanding of Team Silent and Western developers taking over the series, and we all know how that turned out.

    Idk, I still might end up doing something for it. But I really doubt I'd be working on a new project. I really need to close some of the stuff I started.
  9. I don't really have anything planned for it, but I have a coworker I encourage to do it, so I might do one to keep her motivated.

    As for the ghosts, I think it has more to do with the fact their mostly invincible, can phase through walls to chase you down easily, and they can drain your health by just being in close proximity to them makes them a bit annoying to deal with.
  10. Btw, are you planning on doing anything for NaNo this year?
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