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  1. We'll see how I feel about it when the time comes.

    In Bloodborne news, DLC has been really interesting so far with a really strange quirk that caught me off guard. The DLC takes place in a location called the Hunter's Nightmare, a type of ironic hell which is a curse placed on the Hunters to punish them for various story related things that would take too long to explain, but one such crime is when the Hunter's become too blood thirsty and simply kill for the sake of the kill. So the starting area is filled with hunter enemies and basic werewolf monsters you've fought before but the hunters will attack the werewolves but they won't attack you or the other hunters, they will actually cower and back away from you if you approach, and the other hunter enemies will actively seek them out to kill them. It's such a neat element to really show you how messed up this world can be.
  2. Well then the books should come first for you
  3. I'm an "original source" first kind of guy. I like to experience the raw and first version before seeing a revision or new version.
  4. That's why they made it not required I'm more of a book-first kinda guy, so I appreciate the things that they did
  5. Well if I like the games, I may read the books, but it tend to avoid required reading before diving into a game/film.
  6. The books themselves were also pretty heavy on the deconstruction of fantasy tropes. Actually, Is probably recommend reading them before the games, since the games take place after the books. The first game is made pretty accessible to newcomers since they give Geralt amnesia, but then I heard that over the course of games 2 and 3 he gets his memories back, and then the Witcher 3 starts with a big exposition dump with the stuff from the books. They're still perfectly playable without reading the books, but there's a lot of cool little nods you won't notice otherwise
  7. Hey, I like Slavic lore, and it would explain the cynicism.
  8. Might not be a bad idea. But the Witcher is pretty much it's own thing, while Dragon Age is kind of a direct spiritual successor to BG. And I know you're not much into traditional sword and sorcery - so the Witcher is kind of way more cynical about all that, while BG is pretty much meant to emulate a regular tabletop D&D campaign. Also, the Witcher's world is a bit more interesting since it borrows heavily from Slavic lore
  9. I've been debating about checking it out along with the Dragon Age series, though if I really wanted to jump into WRPGs, I'm thinking of going back to Baldur's Gate and possibly some other 90s gems I missed.
  10. (the witcher is pretty nice just sayin >.>)
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