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  1. Now you just need the levels to use the Moon and Sun Personas since many of them tend to be high level stuff.
  2. So far, I don't think I'll ever need more Magicians, Strengths, Moons, Worlds... I also have a couple hundred Free Tarot cards now which is pretty crazy.
  3. True, I think I was gunning for one in IS and ended up never needing to get Chariot and Lovers Tarot cards.
  4. I'll definitely do that when I get the chance. But since I've already spent so many hours learning what the demons want to hear in this area, I have to persevere. I mean, at least I end up with more cards anyway so it's a win anyway.
  5. There is actually an easier method to get Fool cards in EP. Later in the game you will meet a man who will purchase completed dungeon maps from you and some of the prizes are Fool Tarot Cards. Getting the Fool Question is ridiculously hard in these game.
  6. So my progress in EP has kind of halted because I've decided to stop and run around the Sanitarium a bit and get some Fool cards. And God damn. Pretty much all of my available arcana are in the hundreds (around 600 Magician cards, for example), and I still haven't gotten the fool question even once. I won't give up though. I've spent so much time on it that it'd feel like a waste if I just gave up.
  7. You will finally get answers about their dad in this game. All the rumormongers from the first game come back as well, so you will see Toro again and even access Baofu's website from time to time.

    Yeah, I don't really feel like my story is scary at all. I have another entry I was thinking of finishing and submitting, but it's more of a tragedy than a horror story.
  8. I'm currently brainstorming my story idea and you can really tell it's me because so far it's really more depressing than scary
  9. I have seen it. It's great with its slightly corny 90s vibe.

    I don't really take issue with the style itself, since I do like the style on paper, I just don;t think it looks good with her face. The ponytail was the bomb. Btw, will Toro show up in EP? I liked how he was still around in IS and it seemed like he got over some stuff as well.

    And yeah, the perspective on Katsuya thing is interesting, and I hope to see more stuff like that in the game. I also wonder what;s the deal with the Suou parents, as Katsuya did mention them being alive in IS, but it;s still implied he's actually taking care of Tatsuya. And then the Great Father included Tatsuya's dada as well, so I'd assume they have some form of daddy issues as well.

    Can't wait to get Baofu since I did hear a lot of cool things about him. And he's apparently voiced by Richard Epcar? Color me intrigued.
  10. Yes on the stats. I disagree with the bob cut, I actually like it on Elly and it gives her a quaint 20s flapper girl feel which kind of suits her personality. Nanjo kind of reminds me of a 40s stockcar racer or Speed Racer. He's still an ass too, though frankly Maki and Yukino are probably the only characters from P1 who really changed. Feel bad for Reiji though, since his Persona power makes his life harder.

    I don't think you get a choice per se, but it's definitely a love triangle in the game. Yeah, it's interesting how in IS Katsuya is this aloof and serious big brother in Tatsuya's eyes, but then in EP, you find out he's actually socially awkward and really just wants to dote on his little brother. You'll finally get some more backstory on their family actually. Funny enough, two characters in P5 kind of reuse their story arc, though the siblings personalities are switched.

    I like the fact that Baofu is not only the drunk in the Tatsuya/Jun flashback where they exchange items, but his website allowed him to be one of the rumormongers as well. Hell I love all the foreshadowing of characters and events in IS there are for EP.

    Have you seen this: P2 Trailer Video
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