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  1. I hear the gameplay is more fun, but the story is a bit lacking compared to the first one.
  2. Here’s hoping Raidou 2 is at least as good in that regard. I hear people praising the battle system a lot.
  3. Yeah, the unique detective elements combined with the awesome setting always made this game have a soft spot for me.
  4. Well we’ll see how it goes. Anything for my fledgling spawn.

    Btw, beat Raidou 1 yesterday. The final dungeon was kinda dumb, mostly since it made you replay pretty much every boss battle in the game (including the insanely annoying Mishaguji), and the final boss was no slouch either, but I made it. Overall, great game, very unique even by SMT standards
  5. That's true, well if it gets you more money and hopefully better hours, it's not a bad idea since your progeny is due soon.
  6. Of course not. This is all probably a good thing since right now I should end up making more money, whether I stay at my current job or thanks the new one. But change is always stressful
  7. Change isn't always a bad thing.
  8. Well looks like my focus is about to be broken as well because I got a call back from a job interview and I’m gonna need to seriously consider my options. Change is coming
  9. Fair enough, I've been feeling a bit pulled into too many directions so to speak to be able to focus on any one task at the moment, so that might be why it's a bit weird to me at the moment.
  10. It’s teally not a long game. I’m at about the 25-hour mark, and I don’t feel underleveled or anything, since I never escape from battles. I’ve also done some optional stuff but I think I’m gonna move on to 2 instead of sticking around for Beelzebub.

    I mean, I guess when you have limited time to put into games and you want to finish some long-overdue entries, you’re gonna go fast
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