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  1. I’m also excited because I started writing the part of my story with the young emperor protagonist. I’m a bit worried I may end up having to drop the other POVs from this book and split it into separate things, though I’d love it if it were possible to keep this way since I feel it helps me paint a more comprehensive picture of the world. But he’s been delightly proud and bitchy so far.
  2. It is very pretty
  3. Angel's Fear/Cry of the Heavens is like one of the best SNES tracks in general if you ask me.
  4. I remember it being pretty good. But then there were also some pieces that annoyed me. Loved the whale song at the beginning tho
  5. I did recently acquire the soundtrack to Secret of Mana, and I must say, I am kicking myself for not picking it up sooner. I kind of forgot how many great tracks there were in the soundtrack.
  6. I'm not being as productive as I should be but likely cause I'm trying to manage rl stuff. I've dabbled a bit here and there with writing but no worthwhile progress. Mainly just paying bills and playing SaGa games.
  7. So how’s stuff? I got a bit of my writing flow back, so I hope to make decent progress soon. I’d love it if I could have a draft that’s serviceable to betas by summer, just so I can take a break while you all read it while I worry about welcoming the baby
  8. I've only played FFLegends 2 before now, and I didn't even finish that game before I gave it back to my friend.
  9. Oh yeah, it’s definitely a good thing. I know I still have a ways to go, but so far Zelda’s world feels like it’s exactly as it needs to be.

    That’s the only game I’ve actually beaten in the series, though I used an emulator and the version I played was the Wonderswan Color version. It was weird that it had GBA level graphics, but the sounds were still standard GB 4 bits
  10. "Plunged in head first" actually. I'm playing SaGa 1 (FFLegends) on the GBA and I'm tackling SaGa Frontier 2 as well. I'm probably going to make a thread soon.

    I honestly feel that a short Open World game isn't necessarily a bad thing.
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