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  1. Yeah I’m having the same problem with my main protagonist, really. I have antagonists and secondary characters that are already very in-depth in my head, but the central character still lacks... something. I hope I can get him by the time I’m done with my bible.
  2. I like the deadline mentality it gives me. That and just having an actual tangible goal. It's easier to work when you know you have a deadline, and unlike NaNo, I don't have the holidays and family stuff to drain me away. I just want to release some stuff. I'm thinking of submitting some stories to magazines as well despite being a dying industry. Anyway, I think you should just for the experience and to get out some more stories done.

    I'll get to FFV eventually, I might switch up the team a bit just to add variety, I'm not used to sticking to the same job class lineup for so long, but I'm oddly at the point in the game where this team is actually ideal.

    As for Waiting, I'm going to try and get the basic story hammered out by the end of July and then start working on a second draft. Since I intend for it to be kind of short, I won't stress about the pacing just yet, though I've decided the narrator character isn't as well developed as I would like, but I'm probably not going to address any of that until the second draft.
  3. Yeah, I can imagine it’s harder that way - but on the other hand, the writing will be more sincere when coming from such a personal place, so there are definitely merits to this. Hope you can push through. And yeah, we kind of live in a time when there’s so much stuff just vying for your attention that it’s really hard to just up and decide what you want to be doing even as simple entertainment. I know I’m looking forward to another entry in your FFV LP, but it’s also not like something bad will happen if I don’t get it on time

    I’ve also been thinking about taking part in some contests again. Not just because we really need the money now, but I’ve also been thinking about writing shorts again, so that might be a good pretext.
  4. I would laugh about PH, but I still haven't finished Spirit Tracks yet.

    I do need to get back to my FFV playthrough, I got sidetracked with another game and also trying to write more. I'm thinking of entering the finished version of Waiting for a contest due in September. It's just been tough staying focused on it since the piece is a bit more personal than I'm use to writing.
  5. But hey, it might still turn out the laptop can’t handle PS2 emulation, and then I’ll be stuck with nothing but reading and writing

    Oh wait I guess I didn’t finish Phantom Hourglass
  6. Oh trust me. I have willpower enough for the important things in life, and what with the baby on the way and me having to do everything around the house now, as well as generally having to force myself to keep writing, I think I can allow myself a little bit of indulgence when it comes to what games I consume as entertainment
  7. You have no willpower do you?
  8. Still, my wife is gonna be taking up the PC now as she’ll be starting the Witcher 3, so I have to move to the laptop anyway. Gonna use that opportunity to play Raidou. I’ve decided I’ll come back to RS whenever I feel like it again as there’s no point in holding out with what I really want to play right now.
  9. Well hopefully there won't be any future issues.
  10. It looks like it is, even though it said it couldn’t find the system file issue? Idk, hope it was just a one-time fluke.
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