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  1. Sounds like typical EoFF.
  2. I don't think anyone is really sure
  3. You know, I wan't even sure what was going on in that thread.
  4. Btw, we just won Most Likely to Get Together

  5. Fair enough. Though I was never personally too bothered by it.

    But you're still having fun with the game, right?
  6. As I said, it's my current thoughts, but I just started Chapter 3 and can't comment on the rest. The fact there is some gut wrenching player choices though does give it a slight edge over FFT for me since the player agency adds a bit more impact on where the story goes. The Law path is very interesting seeing how people view you. We'll see how it goes though, it might fall apart by the end. Apparently the team meant for Chapter 4 to vary by your choices as well but the team ran out of time, which is pretty much every Matsuno game when you think about it.

    As for the classes, I love the actual classes, my issue is that I don't like getting them by collecting Job Cards which seems lame. I prefer the more meta-game of Ogre Battle where you couldn't advance to a class unless you had the right stats and and alignment. It would have added a new dynamic to battles to chase down retreating weak enemies so you can access the Dark Jobs while healing and playing defensive to get the Light Jobs. The skill system largely bothers me because too many of your slots are taken up by basic skills to make your character function. I mean the Fortify skill makes Ninja's and Thieves no OHKO for the enemy but simply reduces them to TwoHKOS instead. The defensive ones I can live with, but the offensive/accuracy ones get super annoying since most fighters can't hit the broad side of a barn without the accuracy skills for their weapon types while it's evident that any class that isn't a pure mage class or stuck with buff/debuff skills is a worthless with offensive magic.

    Overall, the system is marred with surperflous design to make it feel like your choices are useful when the reality is you're stuck using skills just to make your troops function, which is all not in the original since skills were incredibly rare and few in the original. The levels being class base also hurts new classes, especially with the level restriction to gear. I currently doing the optional woods dungeon again so I can train up a dragoon and I just got access to the Samurai/Swordmaster class, which means I'll have to wander about to do random battles so that anyone I change to the class won't be a liability in battle. None of this is helped by the fact that your skills and weapon proficiency is still more important, so even recruiting new people to take on the classes means they may never catch up to your main team. Overall, the mechanics sound interesting, but wind up being really inefficient.
  7. Idk, I actually really like LUCT's take on the job system. But that's just me.

    Thing is, I think FFT is really as dark, and even darker in some respects, especially being much harder with its ending. You can tell TO's a bit rushed by how Chapter 4 is the same regardless of route, and while a degree of player choice and variety was lost by Ramza's path being laid out for you, I feel overall the narrative is more polished, even if it does drop most of the politics in favor of a supernatural threat. Though it's not like TO doesn't have the supernatural elements do that to a small degree as well at times.
  8. I feel my real beef with the game currently is that I wish he had not revamped the Class/Skill system. When I learned the original utilized a more traditional class system with the Ogre Battle rules, I was kind of let down with the remake because I find the class system underwhelming in design and execution. Frankly, at the moment, if TO had FFT's mechanics, it would be in the running for my favorite Matsuno title cause the story and gameplay layout is much richer than FFT. In fact, I'm starting to feel like Square may have defanged the poor guy cause I remember Ogre Battle being pretty grueling on it's subject matter as well.
  9. It definitely does that. I like how you can see where FFT got a lot of its things from, and yet how different some other aspects are.

    Honestly, thanks to the World Tarot, you can actually complete all the routes after the first one, so you can keep playing until you're all done with Matsuno for a while
  10. I'm talking myself down from going back to Ogre Battle or FFTactics since I'm in a Matsuno kick. Though I feel that Tactics Ogre is going to make me appreciate FFTactics better.
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