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  1. Very true, it will be interesting to see what they are going to do with SJ but I'll likely wait until I get a better grasp of the new content.
  2. I personally agree. But then again, it's painted in broad enough strokes to really mean anything as small or as big as they need
  3. I don't know, I kind of feel like they already did that with the Amala Network in SMTIII.
  4. That is a possibility. Though oart of me still expects them to never want to link the games through a timeline or consistent universe rules
  5. I'd imagine it would be like Nocturen's ending where you really take everything off rails. I wonder if it incorporates some of the lore given in SMTIV:A?
  6. Yeah. Can pretty much agree on that. Some people are bothered with how theyre adding difficulty altering features a la Soul Hackers, but I honestly don't care, people should be able to experience the game as they wish. There is a new dungeon, apparently, and three new endings though. I just hope its not a everybody lives" ending that renders the original endings moot
  7. The dub element doesn't really bother me much, but I generally don't put much stock in VA work as long as it is reasonable.

    I also get a Marie feeling from the new chick and the redesigns are okay, but I still prefer Kaneko's style because that to me is the face of MegaTen. My main issue is that I don't really see much incentive to pick it up since I already own the original. I think it's great the game can now be played by a whole new group of fans who may have missed out on the original, especially since the original is very difficult to emulate, but it doesn't have anything to appeal to me who played and loved the original.
  8. I mean, I'm personally not wild about SJR either, even though you know how much I love SJ. I have tremendous respect for Doi, but I'm really not a fan of the redone portraits. Also, Alex just reeks of Marie to me (ugggghhh), and like, why is it that the only MegaTen game that really deserves to have English voice actors due to its international setting gets stuck with the Japanese VA? Friggin Radiant Historia is getting an English dub, and that game's remake seems to be going full anime weeb, but SJR is stuck with Japanese?

    Not gonna lie, it ticks me off
  9. It is, especially since it garnered more interest than the game it was promoting.
  10. Well, of course! The meme is still funny though
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