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  1. Ooooh, awesome! I need to get back to Tactics Ogre one day. I beat the main story once, but consdiering how easy the game makes it to see the other paths on one save file, I really want to see it one day.

    After I'm done with P1, I'll get to Innocent Sin, provided I have a working Internet connection at home by then. I need to try playing wihtout a guide this time, and I hope I can get my hands on EP by the time I finish. But there's also the chance I still won't get my connection this week, so I also started playing the Sims 3 again yesterday, to take a break from the grind, so I'm pretty much playing both P1 and TS3 in tandem. Fun times.
  2. Yeah, I'm grinding my party for the mask. fight.

    I think when I finish this game, I'll finally take on Tactics Ogre.
  3. Welp, I'm at the last stretch, but it's probably still gonna take a while. I've uncovered the entire path to the last boss - now I just need to grind hard enough to take on the ultimate personas...
  4. I wonder if it has some other good feature then, because that's a lot of hoops to jump through to get it.
  5. Its jusf statistically worse than the Jagd Gear you can buy. So youre not missing out
  6. How so?
  7. Good news: Spiegel gear sucks!
  8. It's alright, it's my own fault for convincing myself that I needed to wait the maximum time limit for the stage, despite this series always being about the power of friendship. At least I'll get all of the Ultimate Personas.
  9. Pretty much. Still, sorry you got screwed over
  10. Okay, so just fancy armor then.
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