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  1. I might scale it back a bit just for my own sanity, but the most interesting part for me will be dealing with a large cast of non-human people and trying to develop their cultures. I imagine I will be drawing historical inspiration for many of them though. I know that the fish people will be having a conflict about whether to expand their empire beyond their waters, The Lizard/Reptile clan is at war with the Insect clan, and I'm thinking the Bird/Beast clans are dealing with overpopulation and possibly global weather changes. Humans will likely be dealing with avoiding extinction.
  2. Sounds very ambitious. Might take a while, but if you stick with it, you might just pull it off and the payoff could be very satisfying.

    I’m still not very far in. Still developing the empire chapter, but then my chapters are a bit on the longer side, with various sub chapters in-between. But yeah, hope to speed up soon.
  3. Yeah, still relatively early in the planning stage. The short story one is the farthest along since it will likely read like a Twilight Zone episode. The larger story is going to take a little planning cause it will be a larger scale. It's going to be a perspective story with multiple POV characters within the same world, but there is a twist that won't become apparent to the reader until much further into the story. While it might be a longer piece, I want to keep it as one self contained story, though I haven't quite figured out how the story is going to end yet.

    The story will have multiple races and the POV will detail the leads showing off their own unique cultures and conflicts. The hard part will be fleshing out these cultures and conflicts cause I'm going to avoid usual fantasy tropes and have all of them have their own distinct languages and calendar systems.

    How far along on are you on your first draft?
  4. Consistency is key. Though I imagine I’ll speed up considerably once I beat Zelda, which should happen this week. Ideally, I’d like to have my beta copy ready before the baby gets born.

    At what stage are you with the ideas you mentioned? Still brainstorming?
  5. That's good at least.
  6. Ooh, sounds good! Glad you found an opportunity to use your race! Looking forward to it.

    My writing is going slowly, but it’s going along. I’m just happy that I’m writing at all tbh
  7. So I just came up with another interesting novel idea, technically two though the premise is basically the same with the context changing. That and one is probably only good enough to be a short story while the other can be written into a fantasy epic. The best part about the second one is that I get to capitalize on the Bird People I dropped from the last story.

    So how is your writing doing?
  8. I think what hurt SS the most was the limitations of making the Swordplay so important hurt the overall design. Like dungeons aren't too bad, but the boss battles are repetitive and not terribly interesting, which is a shame cause Zelda usually has fun spectacle style boss battles.

    Honestly, Phantom Hourglass is my least favorite "traditional" Zelda title, for a lot of the reasons you mentioned. While Spirit Tracks is a better upgrade, it still suffers from similar problems. Honestly, Wind Waker is probably the only good entry from that timeline.
  9. I’ve always felt really bad for SS being so disliked since I feel it has a whole lot going for it, even if the whole experience is really linear. But yeah, I’ve never been so invested in a Zelda game quite like Breath of the Wild, and I think it possibly has my favorite open world of all time. Plus, I just feel it pulls of some risky, innovative elements perfectly - the open, non-linear narrative makes for one of Zelda’s best stories, imo, and the soundtrack is just on another level.

    I’ve also started Phantom Hourglass and it’s... okay so far? I guess? It doesn’t really feel too special so far, with dungeons that are way too simplistic for its own good. It’s good fun, but Idk. I dont really have as much reverence for Wind Waker as many people seem to have, so maybe I’m just not feeling it. Heard Spirit Tracks is a vast improvement , though, so I’m looking forward to that.
  10. Well Nintendo has a knack for getting their core games right most of the time. Despite Skyward Sword being one of my least favorite console entries, it's still a blast to play. Hell, I can't really think of a Zelda game I've played that wasn't pretty fun on some level.
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