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  1. No, this story predates it.
  2. Is it the Soul one?
  3. Well glad you are feeling the writing bug, I need it now myself. I still need to finish my entry which I don't think is going to be too scary, more like cool premise but awful execution. Regardless, I'm more interested in writing one of my own novels and I'm thinking I'll use NaNo to restart one of the oldest stories I've had in my head for awhile.
  4. I thought for a second maybe it was just Doi that gave him a beard but no. It's in Kaneko's art too and I can't unsee it.


    Btw, writing my story. Hopefully will finish it today and submit it for the contest. It's going good so far but with my premise, I really doubt I'll win. I'm really not bothered though since I'm much more invested in my novel now. Still, it's a good thing I had some time to warm up with my writing before since it' finally going relatively smoothly!

    Also, I just noticed something while rereading the Witcher. One of the biggest antagonists in this series is basically a deconstruction of a typical fantasy/RPG hero. He's someone who goes out and hunts down marks, mostly in the form of bandits, and does it to keep getting more cash and getting stronger. And, in a downright Taro-esque fashion, Sapkowski pretty much states that you have to be a scary, brutal psychopath to consider it a fun job. I honestly think he's a much more memorable villain than the character who's the actual big bad of the story, though he's still definitely interesting.
  5. I never noticed either, he's got that Gendo Ikari look going for him if Gendo was more hip and less intimidating.
  6. I... Baofu has a beard


    How could I have not noticed? This smurfed me up
  7. Who knows? I know the old current team did make sure to keep some call backs, so maybe more than we think. Then again, I know the team debated for a long time to include Aigis into the game cause they didn't feel like she was right for the scenario.
  8. I know that much. I just wonder how much of wht they incorporated was pure inspiration and how much was a deliberate attempt to link thegames more tightly together
  9. More like inspiration than foreshadowing since P3 and beyond were made by a different team. P1 ans 2 were designed by the Devil Summoner and core SMT teams before a new team was put together of the new guys helping with Nocturne and Avatar Tuner that went on to make P3.
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