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  1. Yeah, I like the blend of the 2D and 3D art this game had, though like VII, I feel it accidentally created a bit more of a visual contrast that it was trying to avoid.
  2. The 3D models are actually really impressive. Just fought the dinosaur and damn, I had to remind myself that this came out around the time FFVII did because that thing still holds up, especially compared to VII's rather featureless models
  3. Yeah, but the sexual tension between them was always the most interesting aspect of them. I joked back then that the series was doomed as soon as they made them into a couple, and oddly enough, most fans see that point being the turning point of the series. Though it likely feels different because Duchovny had them move production to Los Angeles (it was originally Canada) and so they have a bit of a new crew working on it.

    I feel like Xenogears was always a pretty sweet game that was ahead of it's time. While the game itself didn't age so well due to technology, the ideas it worked towards really stand out. I still love the full 3D dungeons and the ability to actually platform, cause you know, we were in the 3D age and VII was barely a 3D game outside the graphics.
  4. lol double post, sorry
  5. I'll get to a detailed reply to your mognet message later today since I'm quite busy at work But just wanted to let you know that the X-Files movie was really cool and while season 6 is notably different, I dig it? I do kind of miss the tension of previous seasons, but the way the episodes focus on Scully and Mulder's budding feelings for each other are actually pretty sweet. I do enjoy character-centric narratives, after all, adn as much as I wish we had an iconic tv series that really did put a platonic man/woman friendship at the forefront, these two really make sense as a couple to me.

    And I did end up starting Xenogears yesterday, woo! At Blackmoon Forest so far, got Elly. I forgot how super fluid the battles look. it's as if they're running and one million frames per second. In general, the game is much prettier than I remember and I am loving it so much
  6. Should be interesting to hear.
  7. Oh, I do agree. Which is why I kind of plan to implement a certain twist that will make the races a bit less conventional.
  8. I generally prefer more human centric characters and stories, but I felt it would be nice to add some flavor to the world.
  9. Cool, I'll send you a mognet later. This is all pretty hush hush for now

    It's good to hear that you're doing races, though! A lot of fantasy nowadays goes with just humans
  10. Sure, we do that.
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