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  1. When would you say is a good time to take on the optional espers? I tried looking for Adrammelech yesterday but at a certain point of the Zertinan Caverns the monsters become 15 levels higher than me and they kill me dead.
  2. Yeah, the new arranged music was interesting.
  3. Reached the Tomb of Raithwall. So far so good. I really dig the new Nam-Yensa Sandsea music
  4. Well good luk on staying focused on whichever endeavor prevails.
  5. Reached the Sandsea yesterday! I also got a week off from work, though I hope I’ll use that to write rather than play all day
  6. It was in the original as well. Basically it helps let low level characters catch up quicker since they'll be the ones getting EXP.
  7. I can see it. Of course, I can imagine some haters twisting it around and saying that if a game needs a speed mode to be enjoyable it’s broken, but then Bravely Default also has the option of speeding up battles and no one complained there. Like, I love XII and I love its battle system, but sometimes you just want to get around a bit faster.

    Oh yeah, and what’s the point of the Firefly accessory? All it does is reduce the received Exp To zero, which seems kind of pointless considering New Game - exists for low-level runs.
  8. The speed mode ended up being the best feature in the game surprisingly enough. Makes the Yensa Sandsea and a few other obnoxiously long dungeons less annoying.
  9. Man, you’ve brought back memories of XIII. It’s majing me sweat

    As for my progress with XII, I tried to take on Cluckatrice but it’s a bit too difficult right now (not to mention the Gladius I worked so hard on heals it and I sold the Mage Masher ._.), so I proceeded to Bhujerba. Time to chain some skeletons. This should be fun on fast mode,
  10. It would certainly resolve some issues with the combat, that and letting you switch party leader and dropping the whole " dead leader = Game Over".
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