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  1. I think we all wish we could do that.
  2. Oh yeah, I’m aware, and I do like RS. I actually played a bit yesterday and had fun. I will wait, but it’s kind of hard to resist. I wish I could have one of those time turners from Harry Potter so that I could play two games at the same time as well as get some more sleep. Alas
  3. Well I see your point, but Romancing SaGa is short compared to Raidou.
  4. Well then get to it! That’s a lot of good games waiting for you.

    The main problem for me when it comes to being patient with games is that I’m on a time limit. Only two more months until my fledgling spawn arrives and chances are that will mean quitting games altogether for a while. Here’s hoping I can get some reading or writing in while the baby sleeps.
  5. Fallout 4, Romancing SaGa 2, and Nier: Automata. I can also be playing the Secret of Mana remake, but again, none of this will happen until I finish Legend of Mana, which I'm roughly about half way through since I'm doing a full mission run. Technically, I can finish the game now, but I've never done a full mission run before.
  6. What are your options?
  7. I'm trying to follow my own advice. I want to finish Legend of Mana before starting a new game. Though I'm debating what that game will be at the moment.
  8. There is wisdom in your words
  9. Raidou will always be there, you should finish RS first.
  10. Will do

    Right now I am also seriously wondering if I should just drop Romancing SaGa for Raidou. As much as I like RS, Raidou is pulling me. But i think I should wait because otherwise I just risk not finishing RS
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