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  1. You may be surprised the depths of Toriyama's shallow writing. He did direct and co-write both games. The thing about X-2 was that I didn't like X, so the "enjoyment" of exploring Spira post-Sin was completely lost on me because I frankly didn't care. Kind of kills the narrative when the player doesn't give a damn.
  2. I still think X2 is better than X There's also a part of me that expects to like XIII better than X, because for some weird reason X has millions of devoted fans while everyone and their mother hates XIII, when X was still a very stupid, shallow mess.
  3. You're more stubborn than me, after X-2, I vowed never to play a sequel to an FF I didn't like. Didn't save me from RW but I can honestly say I don't feel like I missed out with XIII-2 and LR.
  4. Oh, and I'm straight edge, so liquor is out if the question, but I do consider making my first playthrough into a Let's Play.
  5. From what I've heard of the game, that's the vibe I get.

    And I personally think the OST is much, MUCH more than OK. I'm a big fan of Hamauzu.

    And I'll probably jump into the other games in the trilogy if my brain doesn't explode because frankly, even though I know the story just keeps getting stupider, I have this thing that I need to see those things to the end. Plus, the gameplay is supposedly improved.
  6. I advise you to drink liquor and abuse the game. At least it's pretty and it's OST is okay, I feel my real issue is that it had a lot of potential and just fled from it like a frightened child at every opportunity. I feel this is the most infuriating thing about XIII. It's not so much that it was a bad game, it's the fact it didn't have to be.
  7. It's pretty simple really. Everyone talks about how terrible it is and it's easy to just jump on that bandwagon and scream along with other people. But it doesn't seem fair to do that if I don't really know if I enjoy it myself XD Also, it's the only numbered FF (MMOs aside) that I haven't beaten yet. I can't really call myself a hardcore fan of the series without having played it XD

    I also consider the fact that I may have a bit more fun with it, as going in I already know that it's all a straight line and the plot is dumb so
  8. Why would you do that to yourself?
  9. Oh, and I've recently preordered FFXIII On Steam. I will finally experience this trout firsthand
  10. That's cool It's awesome how you get to do so much with gaming. I've never even been to a convention yet, despite there being one held in this city every year. I really wanna go next year.

    I actually have a close friend who works at CDProjekt - that's the company who works on the Witcher games. He does enjoy my stories and we have been talking about maybe someday making our own game together as well

    Hope everything works out for the best for you! Always looking forward to read anything you write as long as you're willing to share it
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