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  1. Yeah, it does have an interesting system that gets a lot of flak. I've recently been looking at the jobs and I think it's gonna be super fun to experiment with the Blue Mage and Morpher. I also need to look up the various conditions under which weapons appear, so that there's no problem with learning new abilities.
  2. That's cool, I need to get back to my FFTA game I started awhile back.
  3. Of course I will Still thinking about it though! I'll take a look at the links you left in the thread.

    My FFT clan is coming along great I think I'm gonna start Tactics Advance after this. Since coming up with builds for characters here was so fun, I think I'm gonna do something similar there. Especially since the added races give a new twist to that/
  4. You'll have to tell me what you're planning for your entry for the Horror novel contest sometime.
  5. Actually, I'm not sure. I know the MA stat is used for the damage algorithm but I'm not sure if Faith accounts as well since they work more like Physical moves when used.
  6. One more question: do you know if Cloud's Limit Skills are dependent on Faith?
  7. No problem.
  8. Oh, that's great since she already knows auto-potion Thanks so much!

    I actually knew about the X-potion thing. That's how I always went about the Wiegraf battle.
  9. Auto-Potion is my go to Reaction skill for flimsy jobs. Just remember to sell all your potions and eventually Hi-Potions once X-Potions get unlocked. The skill will go through potions first then Hi-potions, then X-potions and finally Elixirs. X-Potions are more than enough to survive most of the game's nastiness.
  10. Awesome. I'll stick to tier three just in case and toad as well. Another tip please (hope I'm not bothering you too much with these ) - I'm at a loss as to what reaction skill to give to my orator with mystic arts. I planned on giving her magical cohnter, but I heard it's pretty useless and wasted MP on top of that. Any ideas?
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