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  1. Awesome. Saw a reminder of it on my fb today and thought you might be interested.
  2. I may pick it up after I grab the Zelda Oracle games.
  3. Oh, btw, apparently Nintendo rereleased the GBC versions of Pokemon Gold and Silver on the eshop for the 3DS, so you can grab that if you ever feel like it since your cartridge's batteries have run dry
  4. I pretty much only have the opening paragraph and even that will most likely get scrapped. I do have a pretty solid grasp on what the story is going to be about, so if I actually do manage to get in the zone, churning out a story like this shouldn't be a problem in between writing chapters.

    And no need to rush with the piece. It might make little sense outside of context, but if anything about it intrigues you, feel free to ask. While the concept for book 1 is finally falling into place (though it'll still probably change a bit during edits), I still need to really workshop the stuff that happens in books 2 and 3. Though the story is continuous from book one to three, I really want each book to be really distinct in terms of tone and stakes.
  5. Sure, I still need to read the piece you sent me earlier.

    I need to finish up my entry for the Halloween story contest as well, I'm about 3/4ths of the way done but I've already been getting in entries.
  6. Don't do the lottery thing, trust me. This may go a bit personal, but my dad constantly plays the lottery and has been addicted to gambling for some time. And let me tell you, it's definitely a contributing factor to the financial ruin my parents have placed themselves in...

    But enough about grim adult stuff. I've written quite a lot yesterday and am leaving job earlier today and plan to write as much as I can. I am definitely going to try to force myself to keep at it. If I succeed, I think I should probably have the draft ready by the end of the year. Can I count on you as my beta reader then?
  7. Ain't that the truth. Luckily, I got a bit of a lucky break in the department so I will be able to go back to saving money in my account instead of dipping into my savings. I need a better job is the real issue or win the lottery, but I never put much stock in that.
  8. Yeah. Money stuff sucks. We currently need to order all our kitchen equipment because our furniture is going to be installed in less than three weeks. it's great that we'll finally have a kitchen, but was also need to put a lot of money into it. Just sent a big chunk of money to the kitchen guy and we have very little money left over, and we need to regularly pay him the rest in installments for five months (which was still awfully nice for him to agree to this, but we're kinda worried we won't manage). So we need to pray that we can also pay for the equipment in installments because we really don't have that kind of cash right now, and my parents have been dead broke for a long time now and cannot help us in the slightest. Oh, and we still don't know how high rent is, because the building is still beign set up, so we expect we'll get three months worth of rent to pay once that is established.

    So I totally know how you feel. Money stuff is very stressful and being an adult sucks.
  9. True, my life issues are more of the monetary side of things, I was just reviewing today and I suddenly acquired four unexpected expenses for this week, so managing that has been occupying my time more than creative ventures. While I love the month of October for the weather and the holiday, it's always an annoying month for me financially due to family birthdays, and usually some other weird expense that tends to crop up. Tomorrow I have to get a filling at the dentist I was not expecting.

    So yeah, my mind is just kind of on other things due to a few surprises this week. I'm just annoyed cause my payday is this Friday but all these expenses have to be done before it, so I've been working on budget concerns.
  10. Hmm... Now, don't take this the wrong way since all this stuff is super subjective and what works for one person usually isn't the ideal solution for everyone, but for the longest time I hought the same. Even now, we're sill not entirely moved in and we have t deal wih a crapload of stuff, both apartment related ans some much, much less pleasant stuff too. But then again, people have told me I'm just making excuses in the past and nothing has really worked until I found the motivation inside me, so there goes that.

    To me, the most motivating part of the video was when he talked about Fear. I think part of me was just waiting for it to pass, bu a pro needs to realize it never will. I am still worried that the story is stupid, characters unbelievavle, that I'll fall into tropes that peopld really dislike.But I need to face that fear head on and justwrite regardless. Evrrything will be worse if I don't
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