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  1. Man I wish they only bullied you out of your lunch money in Nocturne. White Rider was pretty much designed to spawn outside of save points exclusively.
  2. I mean its less that and more I don’t want to be bullied out of my lunch money all the time ._.
  3. Gotta catch em all!
  4. I beat him! Woo! Just in time for the end of chapter 3. Next chapter, the same’s gonna happen with Red Rider
  5. It just means you can practice against him until you learn his pattern and win.
  6. I just wonder if I stand any sort of chance against him right now. On the one hand, I’m less than half his level, but then again, it’s an action RPG so skill can help me where numbers can’t. Though how much skill I do have is... debatable. I ended up losing half my HP in a random battle because I kept rolling into a Preta instead of away from it
  7. Yeah, he just keeps popping up until you beat him like in Nocturne. There is a mission in NG+ where you have to fight all four horsemen at the same time.
  8. So yesterday I encountered White Rider for the first time and then I encountered him again. Lost a lot of good stuff because I had to bribe him to let me leave, as he was way too tough for me now. Now I’m worried I’ll just keep bumping into him again and losing stuff. I hope I can manage once I get some good Frost demons though
  9. Pretty much, it's a bit more subtle than usual MegaTen shenanigans in that regards, though I've heard the Law/Chaos heroes are not exactly good at making their case to the player well.
  10. So either I just became pro, or Raidou 2 is much easier than the first game. And yeah, I’m still in chapter 2, but the plot felt much more mysterious and enticing in the first game so far. I still wanna see where it goes. As for alignment, I got shifted pretty far into law in the beginning for some reason, but now I’m back to neutral. I have a feeling it’s less about ideal and more about how much you value tradition and harmony versus individualism and honesty.
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