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  1. Yeah, the boss battles are not really that challenging. Hell, even in P2, I only remember a few battles being really tricky and those were usually with bosses that either restricted Persona summoning or the Joker Curse spell in EP.
  2. Btw, is it just me or are the boss battles in P1 not challenging at all? Random encounters can be very risky, but I don't think I've ever felt like I was in danger during a boss battle, and I'm near the end of the game.


  3. Oh yeah, I know there's one more dungeon after that. I read I'll be getting the ultimate Persona items after this one, though, so that's something to look forward to! I expect I'll need to grind a fair bit to even summon them, but that's what Mikage Castle is for, isn't it!
  4. Yeah, the timer has some weirdness to it. I don't think the PSP suspended mode works with the game clock for some reason. My first file has a maxed out timer and I know I didn't play for that long. Well second to last dungeon, and I do like the MC/Maki only dungeon, it has a trippy sequence at the end.
  5. So I beat Deva Yuga and am about to go into the thing to get the third compact. The MC/Maki-only dungeon that's coming up is where I quit playing last time, but I'm pretty sure I'm way better prepared right now. Feels good to be on the last stretch of this game. It's really short. I'm not really sure how long I've been playing because the timer is broken and says I've been playing for 130 hours for some reason.
  6. Well the book does confirm that Jonathon and Walter are reincarnations of Tokyo residents.
  7. I mean, that does make sense, all things considered.
  8. I think Jonathan and Walter are reincarnations of Kiyoharu and Kenji from the Neutral timeline.
  9. Oh, I enjoyed most of the designs as well. With only Lucifer and Centaur, I think, being kinda grating. And all those Tokyo deities looking like Power Rangers was kind a werid, but what the hey.

    What theory do you mean? Share pls. you've made me curious
  10. You know, a lot of it has actually grown on me. Barring Lucifer and the weird 3D demons, I kind of like the others. But yeah, the book has some really cool details. Apparently Navarre was a fans favorite among the staff for his butt monkey nature in the script, and there are some really intriguing details about Mikado Castle that is easy to miss, but quickly makes sense in context. I haven't even gotten to the Tokyo sections.

    It did help with a pet theory of mine about the game, so that made me happy, though no word of god yet.
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