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  1. I love me some CLAMP Yaoi.
  2. Definitely an interesting take
  3. Possibly, I still think one of my favorite love stories is Seishiro and Shinobu from Tokyo Babylon
  4. And man, the more I read of your opinions, the more I think you should read the Witcher. It has an undeniably unconventional romance subplot. It starts with a boy meets girl of sorts but gets turned upside down in the next story, and even in the first book's framing device. So it's basically two very difficult people with a very long lifespan who've been bound by fate. So they have a very lengthy, very tumultuous on-and-off-again relationship, with a (not entirely consensual) love affair with the woman's best friend, and it only really comes together as they both learn to be better people, both on their own and towards each other.
  5. Not saying Lucifer will be the demon striking the deal. Which is the main problem with the idea for now. I need to flesh it out in a way that doesn't make the last part too muddled.
  6. All of my characters tend to be a part of me, the Fata Morgana story is basically me exploring my more misanthropic traits.

    I honestly just don't really enjoy writing the more vanilla boy meets girl type stories. I find love triangles, old flames meeting up with all their baggage, and unrequited love to be far more interesting. Course, I'm probably writing more from experience since my own love life has never been ideal.

    A Faustian bent might be interesting but I would suggest using another demon for the deal as Lucifer in the SMT universe always seems like he's above all that and more inclined to simply point the player in the direction he wants.
  7. Yeah, I'm not a fan of forced happy endings either, but I do enjoy them when they're done well. The story really needs to make me like the characters and care for them enough for me to want them to get together. I'm kind of not planning for either of the two protagonists of my fanfic to be with anyone by the end, tbh. While their romantic (and also some purely sexual) relationship play a role in their development, the story is ultimately aboit brotherly love and should their development go the way I expect it to right now, I just don't see either of them ending up with anyone in a way that doesn't feel contrived.

    Speaking of, I had an idea to implement Faustian elements to the last bit of the whole fanfic, i.e. the Lisifer arc. I think that'd give me a good explanation for the missing eye and also an opportunity for some really intense stuff. But it's still a very loose idea for what might happen - I still mostly just want to go with the flow. It just came to me today.

    The solution to that problem is simple - make the hero an expy of you so that them ending up with your ideal woman feels right That's actually a trickster mentor type of advice, as it's pretty much impossible to not give your characters some of your traits XD
  8. Oh Dark Souls...

    I think the biggest observation I've noticed in my stories is my tendency towards having unhappy love stories. It seems like no one in love in my stories ever meet a happy end. Though I think a part of that is my unconscious rebellion against the fact so many stories have happy stories tacked on. I also tend to love my female characters more than my male ones.
  9. One thing my wife noticed, for example, is that I write vulnerable men. And though that isn't intentional, I'm quite happy that actually comes through because I've never really been satisfied with the portrayal of masculinity in the media.

    Still, the worst part of all of it is actually sitting down to write stuff. Like, juggling ideas like we do over mognet is fun and feels empowering, but I'm still kind of kicking myself in the face for not reading and writing enough. I always have some kind of excuse. Need to stop that and just gir gud, as the kids say these days
  10. Well that the reason why you have other people read your stuff cause half the time you don't even notice some of your more underlying ideas.
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