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  1. I feel people make a bigger deal out of it than it really is. Most likely, people who haven't touched a 3D Platformer from that era in quite awhile.

    I'm still on Chapter 3, but recruited Hobyrim the Swordmaster. I'm taking the fight to the Bakram right now.
  2. Okay so Babel Tower wasn’t nearly as bad as I remembered
  3. Overpowered indeed.
  4. The Giant Wels went down in exactly two hits. Aerods.
  5. Vierge is a nasty and underrated Gear.
  6. I still enjoy the crazy violins

    Btw, Iím at the orphanage now and I have an ether doubler! Aerods are fun
  7. As I said, it's not like I feel they are bad, but they simply don't stand out to me like his other tracks. I feel the only battle theme he's ever done that is honestly a weak track is his one for Chrono Cross.
  8. I actually really enjoy most of his battle themes, except CT’s regular battle. Sure, he goes all out with the more important boss fights, but I really enjoy that subtle constant-tension loop in Xenogears’ battle themr
  9. I mean I never got bored with Persona 5's battle theme, of anything, I was simply disappointed that they reused one of the more epic boss themes for a couple of battles.

    I don't know, for me Matsuda does better with his world and character moments than battle themes. Like none of his battle themes are necessarily bad or anything, but like Xenogears battle theme can't stand up to stronger tracks for me like The One who is Torn Apart, A Distant Promise, Flight, and The Treasure Which Cannot be Opened. It's the issue in all of the game's he composes for. Even Chrono Trigger's battle themes barring Battle with Magus, which subverts this since it's the guys character theme, are not as strong or memorable as the other tracks.
  10. Yeah, JRPGs need more battle tracks. The only thing I’m dreading about Xenoblade X is the fact that Black Tar is the only normal battle theme. And I like Black Tar.
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