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  1. Well, in my playthrough, Vyce was the Delita That reminds me - the fact that Vyce always goes the opposite direction to you is incredibly fascinating, especially with how both routes really fit his character.

    Now that you've committed an insane atrocity and I can no longer look you in the eye, at least you have the option of recruiting Dame Ravness.

    In other news, saw The Red and the Black yesterday. It's nice to see the mythology arc of the X-Files really coming together, though I have a feeling we won't be seeing a satisfying resolution ever. Still, the hypnosis scene alone was fantastic and was another opportunity for Anderson to showcase her immense acting talent.

    Also, Bad Blood was pretty insane.
  2. Let's just say I finally have a chance to really play as Delita.
  3. Normally, Id assume Chaos, but since you said you took an "interesting" route with what I picture to be a malicious grin, I am led to the assumption that you murdered them and picked the Law path
  4. Which path do you think I would take?
  5. Youre gonna have to be way more specific. No sich thing as an uninteresting scenario in a Matsuno game
  6. I took the interesting one.
  7. The stuff I sent you was from the project I abandoned for now I've actually told you pretty much nothing about this new project. I'm even considering telling you nothing until I send ykou the completed draft for beta reading

    Cool! Law orchaos?
  8. I always liked stories about magic returning to the world. In Soul I had it return in the form of scientific discovery despite it being fairly obvious people were casting spells. Things have calmed down lately, so I should finally be able to read up on the stuff you sent me.

    In Tactics Ogre news, I have reached Chapter 2.
  9. Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see how it plays out. So I take that its more like Tactics Ogre than FFT in that regard where the stones eventually overtook the story, while TO basically meeps it purely pplitical.

    Its actually pretty hard for me to describe the fantasy component of my thingwithout going intoore detail, so let me just say that magic used to be more abundant in the past, has ben commodified and is basicaoly a science now but isweaker, butsomething is causing it to come back to its former level. And that's kind of the surface of hhe main plot, but we'll see where that goes
  10. There is magic, wizards, necromancers, dragons and other fantasy beasts, but they are treated pretty commonly. My goal is to focus on the more human politics than on magic stones, ancient societies, and such not. The biggest fantasy element deals with the unique abilities of the two main characters. One was a soldier cursed with bad luck by a demon he slayed. Wherever he goes, disaster follows but he always manages to survive. The other is a knight born from common stock but adopted into the nobles after he received a blessing by their faith's goddess which granted him the power to perform miracles of good fortune at the cost of his health.
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