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  1. Well they released it for free until December of this year, so you may still want to check it out.
  2. HEard about it. THough I haven't really ever been into Metroidivania games. I'll wait for a (hypothetical) English version, but it still looks fun as hell
  3. I'll listen to it while I'm writing up my eighth entry.

    Also, figured you might be interested in this.
  4. As thanks for the piano piece, here's a song from the Witcher 3. One of my favorite moments in the game - one of those quiet, peaceful moments you so rarely see in regular action-packed games


    The English version is nice too, but I thought sharing the Polish version is more adequate in this case
  5. Yeah, EP was such an interesting game because of the adults taking over.
  6. Btw there was this one scene before Nanjo joined where Maya and Katsuya are standing in front of Parabellum and Katsuya is having doubts about the success of this mission, and then I had Maya tell him that they have to stay positive and he just blushed. That was the cutest thing and I ship them so hard

    I also really love the fact that the cast is adults and they actually feel like they have adult problems. Like, there were a couple situations already where people were like "I thought I'd have everything figured out by the time I'm an adult, but I'm just more lost, if anything." And I just feel that on such a deep level.
  7. Baker's Nanjo was deep and cold. This guy sounds like the total opposite, with some really awkward intonation to boot
  8. I don't even remember his voice. Hell I barely remember Eriko's.
  9. Thanks, I'll have a listen at work tomorrow!

    And good God is Nanjo's voice actor terrible in this. I miss Troy Baker
  10. Here's a great piano piece I found at compensation.
    Great Piano piece
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