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  1. You could have been stuck with the first entry in the franchise on the Sega Saturn.
  2. Well depends on what you count as good. The gameplay is definitely better in 2. But yeah, it’s definitely not the same as Xenosaga
  3. Hey, at least you got the good one. It could have been like Xenosaga all over again.
  4. Meanwhile we only got the first game in EU
  5. I am still happy I got the collector's edition of Raidou 2, the Raiho plush is adorable.
  6. Woo
  7. Well once I finish Nier and have more gaming leisure time again, I'll jump back into Raidou.
  8. Well I should find out soon enough. I’m on chapter 4. Not much more left.

    I gotta say though this really isn’t a detective story anymore and that’s kind of a bummer. The game has this oppressive atmosphere as you spend most of the game time in this village outsidevthe Capital, there’s constant moral choices and like... I mean it’s still good, but I feel this game loses something the original Raidou game had that was really neat. It’s a shame so many people are recommending skipping the first game and going straight into this. It’s definitely possible to enjoy it on its own and the gameplay is much better, but the first game just felt so much more energized and creative.

    Also, if you want to get into this game one day, I hope you really like bugs!
  9. Man I wish they only bullied you out of your lunch money in Nocturne. White Rider was pretty much designed to spawn outside of save points exclusively.
  10. I mean its less that and more I don’t want to be bullied out of my lunch money all the time ._.
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