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  1. Also, I really cannot comprehend why people hate Vaan. I mean, yeah, the Rabanastre bit is pretty much the only time he’s in the spotlight, but he’s presented as an idealist, albeit flawed and naive, who feels very frustrated with the occupation. What with a lot of my own country’s 20tg century literature focusing on youths with similar ideals, I find his struggle very real. I really like Vaan.
  2. The only thing I don’t like so far is how they changed the look of the bestiary. I loved having the beast artwork there, the rotating 3D models really just don’t do it for me. But still, that’s a very minor nitpick.
  3. They did a fine job with the game, and changes all feel subtle but they really change the feel of the game. I enjoyed it.
  4. In more positive news, I beat XCX, and while the final battle was weirdly chosen as the place for a big info dump, it was nonetheless interesting and the post-credits scene was the most Xeno-y thing in the whole game. It’s also there pretty much exclusively as a sequel hook. So that’s... a thing!

    I started Bayonetta and while I enjoyed what I played, I couldn’t help but keep thinking “okay now I just have to beat this many chapters before XII”, so I decided that forcing myself to play a game I might enjoy more later now just because is dumb and started the Zodiac Age. I’ve nade it to the Garamsythe Waterway (pre-banquet) and it’s ~amazing~
  5. Well that sucks.
  6. So all the Lone Gunmen just died and I don’t think I can deal
  7. Part of me just feels like it's a wasted investment if I don't use it. I hate being wasteful.

    Part of my jump back into my other media is to mine it for future ideas. I'm kind of stuck in that element where I'm only thinking about two to three story ideas at the moment despite having plenty of other projects I could work on. I like keeping new ideas flowing cause even if I can't give it any real love at the moment, a lot of my story ideas are born from an idea I wrote down once upon a time.

    The other issue is that it's been pretty stressful and I'm pulling out all of my comedies to get my mood back into shape. Just marathon Morel Orel's first season and forgot how deliciously dark humored it was.
  8. That also sounds good! Hope you have fun

    I feel like I need to fundamentally change how I approach the media I consume tbh. Backlogs really just end up causing more stress when all those things are really just supposed to bring joy to your life. Idk if maybe I shouldn’t just let go of any backlogs and do whatever the hell I feel like at the moment. Like, I owe nothing to those games and books and shows. They can’t own my life.
  9. Not quite, other project ideas for the moment. That and I have a movie/tv series backlog that's gotten out of control.
  10. That is also a good idea, as I found out! Will you be focusing on writing in that instance?
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