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  1. I'm honestly not surprised that Ulala called the Joker. She was hinting at it with her dialog for a long time. But I don't think it was really meant to be a twist- there's a lot of instances both here and in IS where you're clearly meant to draw the conclusions yourself from the party banter, and then the actual reveal never relies on the twist to be emotionally resonating. It's an unconventional approach which I actually really appreciate because it doesn't feel like the narrative is looking down on me.
  2. It goes into nightmare fuel territory at this point.
  3. In any case, the Tatsuyas just duked it out. Didn't expect this Joker to die so quickly tbh. But now apparently we're getting more? Hmm
  4. It's not just that question though. They just wouldnt ask me ANY questions
  5. Same thing happened to me man, the chances of getting the fool question are pretty abysmal.
  6. Well, I caved. I couldn't do it. After forty minutes of contacts with not a single follow-up question, I've decided the game hates me. I am a failure.

    The boss was no biggie though. I worry that I overgrinded a bit because I was so worriedabout the difficulty. Gonna be a bit more touch and go with the next dungeon to even things out.
  7. But then, I mean, it says a lot about how the battle system was improved from IS (especially with the difficulty being raised) that I really feel compelled to do it and don't really feel bored. Hell, even maxing out all these other cards just feels extra rewarding because of this.
  8. Even if it's just one card, I have to persevere

    I really need to do it at this point. For me.
  9. Yeah dude, it's ridiculously difficult to get them which is why most people cheat to do it or don't bother. I commend you tenacity but I fear it won't be worth it whenever you do achieve it.
  10. 999 chariots

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