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  1. Heh ^^ Well at least you're not just combining all your ideas into the same project =P
  2. So I spent half the day worldbuilding for a totally new writing project... Even though I'm not even halfway done with draft zero of my book... Just great -_-;
  3. Ah, damn. Though I guess there's worse reasons to not have any time than because you're gonna get a new kitchen ^^
  4. Oh, you know, nothing special. We ended up not having time for anything because not only was it a normal work day, we had to prepare our kitchen space to be fitted soon after.
  5. Haha =P

    So how did you end up spending your Halloween?
  6. lol accidentally spying on your convo with WK and let me tell you, the number of people I've seen online frustrated with the pace of the later parts of the Witcher (lots of POV shifts, involving development of characters that were either minor at that point or just not in thebstory yet at all) is pretty staggering. I actuallyloved it and thought it was pretty fresh and original, though part of me was kinda like "just get to Geralt or Ciri already"
  7. Well it's free. So that excuse won't fly!
  8. But Karifi. I need to buy an oven. Not games, silly.
  9. OH WAIT A SEC, another VN that recently came out that I totally recommend reading on Halloween is Doki Doki Literature Club. It exists on Steam and as Standalone. Don't question it, don't look things up, just read, and enjoy the ride =P

    (Did I seriously just tell you to delay checking out the VNs I gifted you ... what the hell is wrong with me)
  10. Oh yeah, regarding the translations - I heard that the English versions kind of miss all the nice stylings of the original version. Sapkowski uses an interesting blend of archaisms and modern terms (including stuff like genetics) that imo really makes the world of the Witcher unique. And apparently, judging by some German-speaking reddit users, this is retained in the German version to great effect. By contrast, the English version is much more straightforward and "to the point", so to speak.

    I mean, it kind of make sense. Since Germany borders on Poland, there's a higher probability for there to be more people with an in-depth knowledge of Polish rather than the US/UK, where knowing a second language is rare in general, let alone a language as niche as Polish.
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