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  1. Well I did plan on making that DR fanfic into a VN from the very beginning. Might still need to hack the DR engine anyways just to have class trial gameplay, lol.
  2. Ooh, that's awesome! :O I'll need to look into that!

    So you've been making your own VN then?
  3. Ah well, that sucks.

    If anime has taught me anything it's to never underestimate a cold.

    Speaking of creative writing though, I recently acquired the TyranoBuilder VN Studio and started tinkering around with it a bit. It's pretty fun so far, and seeing actual results and feedback so instantaneously is really cool and motivating =P
  4. Oh, I do have a time slot dedicated to my thesis! Just don't have the energy left to write creatively after that!

    It is just a cold, though, and I'm feeling much better now, with a runny nose being my only problem now. Still, thanks! I think I'll get healthy soon enough!
  5. Ah man I'm sure if it's you you'll be able to handle those subjects delicately enough. Also about the creativity/thesis issue, maybe it'd help if you tried having a time of day dedicated to doing thesis work so that you can be satisfied with it and not feel guilty over doing creative work outside of it? Though well, if you're sick that's a bigger problem of course. Hope you'll get better soon!
  6. Ooh! Well, hope that goes over well for you!

    I got my thesis from my supervisor recently, which is great because I finally started adding more corrections and have hope that I may make it on time, but it's also frustrating, because of course all my writing inspiration is flooding in now that I don't really have time to sit down and write stuff, on top of being sick! Today I woke up with this epiphany that told meto use an old story I wrote about a werewolf librarian who's all scared and paranoid about life and make it into a gay love story that's cute and fluffy and stuff, but I just don't have the time, energy, or heck, even courage, because attempting these topics is extremely delicate even if you come in with the best of intentions!

    But aside from some minor frustrations, I'm feeling well rested after my vacation and I'm happy to have things be moving again!
  7. Pretty alright. Still procrastinating hard on doing university stuff, but at least I stopped doing absolutely nothing, and since the beginning of September is a soft deadline for my exposť I just know I'll get it done before that point =P Managed to finish up ZTD and the CLANNAD Side Stories and now I've heard about a recently localized VN being compared to Umineko of all things so I'm slightly inclined to start operation drop-everything-and-binge.

    How about you, Spooky?
  8. You can call me Spooky from now on

    So how've you been?
  9. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
  10. Boo!
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