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  1. Pretty okay. I've been delving deep into the Touhou series lately which eats up a ton of my time. Besides that I'm reading Fata Morgana which I'll most likely give my highest recommendation for once I'm done with it. And gleefully grinning as I observe some people over on another forum go through Umineko for the first time, sharing theories and interpretations. And then there's trying to balance university with that, which so far is still pretty manageable. How about you?
  2. I wonder if you'll guess which one mine is again

    How've you been, by the way?
  3. Ooh nice, looking forward to it~
  4. Wrote a short for the first time in forever! Keep an eye on the Scary Story Tournament, since that's what I wrote it for
  5. Pay did that for last year's Halloween contest, actually!

    But yeah, it's hard to come by. Very post-modern.
  6. Wow, I don't think I've ever read a story written in second person narration before ^^
  7. Hmm... Well, the friend sim element is a big part of gameplay and the way it's built you can't just max out everyone which, in P3 especially, is actually a big part of the theme and the choices you make are kind of part of building your story. So you kind of lose that when you just watch every social link's progression to the end on YouTube.

    I mean, of course you could theoretically do that, but the battle gameplay is also pretty fun, so you'd miss out on that
  8. Since I apparently have the luck of the devil and my Persona 4 shipment was lost three times in a row, is the Persona series one of those series that does a lot of storytelling through gameplay and for that reason you definitely have to play it yourself or you're not getting the 'true' experience? :P
  9. XD
  10. The joys and pains of watching a prequel (some DR3 Despair arc spoilers)
    77th class: Let's go beat up Junko!
    Me: Nooooooo!
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