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  1. Glad you enjoyed the video

    As for Higurashi, I will look into it, though really, don't expect me to play it anytime soon My backlog is 2spoopy4me
  2. I'll watch it in a bit ^^
  3. I was talking more about this.
  4. Hmm... My backlog is epic in proportion, but it sounds interesting. As long as it isn't Corpse Party I saw PewDiePie play that one, but the reliance on gorn, jump scares, and fanservice really left me more weirded out than scared.
  5. You wouldn't happen to be interested in a visual novel of the (psychological) horror genre, would you? :P
  6. Aw, have a hug.
  7. Damn it all to hell

    Why is being a responsible adult so hard?

    I want to get a PS4 now so I can play XV on release, but I have to save the money so that we can afford a mortgage and buy our own apartment

    Stupid capitalism
  8. No one will think I'm crazy anymore
  9. I was severely disappointed to learn all the 30,000 Collectors Editions have been sold out within two hours.
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