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  1. Wasn't sure where I read it

    Still, sounds really cool, but I'm a bit worried about the randomness element they mentioned in solving puzzles.
  2. Yeah it said something like that in the link I posted. But I don't think it's radically abandoning the VN format, it just looked to me like it'll have a lot more cutscenes.
  3. OH no. I'm seriously considering buying it day-one. Have you heard that it's abandoning the visual novel format in favor of a game style similar to Western adventure games like The Walking Dead?
  4. For a second I was wondering if I'd be the only one to pick Zero Time Dilemma =P
  5. I wonder if you're aware of this

  6. I agree that it's important not to tell the reader how to feel, but as I read how big a deal people make of it in writing circles, I think it's going a little overboard, really. I'm glad you think I'm good at it

    And yeah. It's a great help, but at the same time I'm still pretty shaken I hope I learn to take it all soon!
  7. Ooh nice.

    one was super nice and positive, one was kinda mixed, and one was very critical.
    Sounds perfect

    I do think 'show don't tell' is still important for first person narratives, albeit maybe not in the conventional way. It's great if the reader can infer something about the characters and their relationships simply by the way they narrate and interact. That being said I think you actually do a pretty decent job at that.

    But yeah, this seems like a good way to get some valuable critical feedback. Good luck ^^
  8. Got my first critiques for Finding Franco. Oh my.

    I mean, one was super nice and positive, one was kinda mixed, and one was very critical. People were disappointed with the unresolved mystery, and I've been told the characters were weak. There were also other gripes I may or may not fully agree with them being valid (the ever present "show instead of tell" opinion, that I really don't think works for first person narratives, and the fact that I made the protag kind of an asshole was also apparently an issue?), but overall, it was a very humbling experience and I'm glad I did it. I think I may learn a lot here.
  9. Thanks for the support
  10. Sure thing
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