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  1. Well, warm water gets turned on for like an hour in the evening, so there's that. We managed the rest with bottled water and disinfecting gel
  2. Ah, that's good at least. How are you dealing with the lack of water then? Got a place that has it?
  3. The good news is we do have power in the evenings and mornings, i.e. when we're actually around the house. Running water is still a problem though
  4. my god sounds like you're having a jolly old time with your house... how's it going with that?
  5. Haven't really continued yet since hitting the second Tartarus barrier. Been prioritizing VNs =P
  6. So how's the Persona 3 shebang coming along?
  7. I mean, maybe not completely bad because I AM doing something, but I wish I could just write the thing already
  8. Is that such a bad thing?
  9. It's weird - I spend all my creative energy lately drawing characters for my SMT fanfic instead of actually sitting down to write it
  10. My sympathies. I remember days like that at uni. Not fun.
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