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  1. My dislike is more like, it's-an-okay-game-but-gets-way-too-much-undeserved-credit-overshadowing-better-games
  2. Ah I see. Although it seems your dislike of FFX goes far beyond my it-was-good-but-frustratingly-familiar of 999.
  3. By the way, I can kinda see where you're coming from with 999. That's partly the reason I dislike FFX. I saw the exact same story in Grandia II and it was done much better there, IMO
  4. Danganronpa, hmm. Well I'll put it on ~the list~ for now. Got VLR to go through and been itching to read Cross†Channel for a while now.
  5. Did I tell you you can quite easily emulate Dangan ronpa nowadays? After reading your 999 impressions, I think you might really enjoy it. A lot of the same people are involved and perhaps you'll find the twists a bit more refreshing
  6. No shame in that, IMO
  7. Got a bit too tired to go through the same puzzles over and over again randomly trying stuff so I caved and looked up the order in which to go through the doors. Ah well.
  8. If it's the coffin ending, then that's it.
  9. Well I found the "To be continued..." ending at least ^^
    Though finding out if anything changed with that is turning out to be quite a headache.
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