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  1. I'm still in the middle of Trials and Tribulations, but yeah, it does have similar aspects, but is much more dark in a very twisted, albeit humorous way. I guess you could kind if call in a 9 hours 9 persons 9 doors meets Ace Attorney, guest starting an evil Teddie from P4.
  2. No I haven't! I just read a description and it sounds really interesting though - a bit reminiscent of PW:AA (have you read that one?). Thanks for telling me about it, I might just go pick it up.
  3. Have you ever played (read?) Dangan Ronpa? I've seen the anime and have just started the game on my Vita and I think it's really good!
  4. You can probably blame my lack of building an image for characters in literature on the fact that I barely ever need to nowadays, though
  5. I've actually drawn the characters from Crosswords recently! You can check out my doodle thread, if you want
  6. Most are stand-alone, but I got three that are long-running, and I think those might be the best place to start
  7. Sure I'll check it out. It's that lionswritingstories blog, right? Are they all generally standalone short stories (unless tagged otherwise) or should I go in a certain order?

    And yeah, I do love visual novels a lot (*cough*) ^^
  8. So I see you like visual novels. Would you be interested in reading some stories of the traditional kind? I have a whole blog of them, you see, constantly struggling to attract readers
  9. I hope you do Cheers.
  10. I'm not saying they always are It's just that that particular style does not appeal to me and I can't help but have some of those associations due to the works I was exposed to. Still, someday I may give this a shot!
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