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  1. i do wat i want
  2. Oh no you scared me Fynn how dare you
  3. Pumpkin's gonna host one next - hope to see you there
  4. My pleasure. ^^
  5. Thanks for taking part in the mafia, man
  6. Sorry for not responging to the last message! Got a bit distracted, sorry

    Mafia should commence today, btw!
  7. I tend to agree. I can never decide which of the two numbered games is my favorite -- I have a soft spot for the played-straight premise, claustrophobic atmosphere, and elegant simplicity of the first -- but DR2 is at least objectively better. The only other game that's available in English right now is the Ultra Despair Girls spinoff, which... would probably be better left to just viewing the cutscenes on YouTube. It's not great. Have you watched anything of the DR3 anime (completely unrelated to V3)?

    You can probably guess from my avatar who my favorite is, but I love Nagito as well -- far and away the standout of the second game. And (SPOILER)Junko is one of my all-time favorite villains across any media.

    I like that one, but for me, it's doubtful that the series will ever top (SPOILER)Leon's 1000 Blows death. Despite being the very first execution, it's still one of the most shocking, brutal, horrific things in the series, made all the worse by how sympathetic and terrified he was.

    I'm aware of both, but I know absolutely nothing about Shin Megami Tensei. I'm slightly more familiar with Persona, and I'm hoping to play P5 eventually, but it's still new territory.
  8. And a question for you! Have you ever played any of the Shin Megami Tensei games? Or Persona at least?
  9. I've only really played the two numbered games, but intend to play the others as well. Out of the two, I like 2 better, though the first one is also excellent. I just love how the second game just turns all the craziness up to eleven and completely decpnsttucts the original game's premise, message, whatever else you wanna call it.

    Facorite character is probably Nagito. Though this is a close call with many others, but I think they did a fantastic job with him. I've never really seen a character like him and the direction his character went at times was certainly unexpected!

    Never really thought about death scenes, but probably (SPOILER)Chiaki. I like how she faced her death with dignity.
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