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  1. Yes, I'd say that Mary Poppins was much better, but I also prefer it for other personal reasons.

    Being European would explain a lot as to why you might have thought they were a strange lot. Nana and Grandad were your paternal grandparents. Did you know your maternal grandparents? I think it's sad for someone not to have known their grandparents. My maternal grandparents were awesome. That's where you'd go to get stuff that your parents would have forbidden. I learned tons from my grandmother. I guess just because she had more time to spend with me.

    My paternal grandmother died before I was born but my grandfather was again awesome. I guess I was lucky.

  2. heh it's not my fave ever, mary poppins was probably better. didn't she do a stage run of my fair lady too? but audrey hepburn did the film of course....

    anyway my grandpa john was from italy. i don't know much about him, he died when my mom was about 20 of lymphoma. my granny's part french AND english, also there's some metis blood in the family somewhere too (french canadian/indians, louis riel was one of the more famous examples)

    my dad is all english stock, pretty much, we called them nana and grandad, i only met them once or twice, one was as at about age - maybe 4 or younger, and one was maybe around age 7 or 8, really unsure, but yeah, they were a strange lot and i knew next to nothing about them

    by all accounts grandpa john would have been a great grandpa, i never knew him so i can't say i'm hit all that hard, but it was hard on my mom and her family

    probably more info that you bargained for, but there it is
  3. Well, I saw the movie once and I did not like it. I guess only because it was a musical and I did not care for the music. But I do like the name, although I think I'll stick with Leeza.

    Were your grandparents living there at the time?
  4. heh why not?

    my grandmother actually met the legit Maria (Mrs. von Trapp, that is), (maybe in Vienna? somewhere near or around Italy, i believe. where my grandpa John was from; also Zappa! (Sicily!)

    you could be the liesel of the forum!

    Mt. Cid... is alive... with the Spire's fauwwwnaaaa

  5. Liesel?
  6. Wow! I started the series when Wizard and Glass had been out for a while. I decided to re-read the first three books and then read the rest once all of them were out.

    I usually start to get tired of any one author's style pretty fast, so I have trouble reading a series for long, even one as good as this one... but then I feel I have to restart it if I leave it for too long.

    That's why I now read 1-2 books in a long series, take a break with another author between, and then start the series' next book, so I don't get bored but also don't forget.
  7. I won't base my opinions on what you two have been saying then.

    From what I've seen on the publishing dates, there were huge gaps between each book. The last few (5-7) were written fairly close together, but the first four had massive waits.

    When did you start reading them Leeza? Which books hada been published when you started the series? Did you have to wait a really long time?

    I wouldn't be able to stand starting a series and then waiting years. That's why I've waited until now to start the Wheel of Time series... apparently it's on the final book in the series.
  8. *risks Leeza's anger*

    Yeah, I didn't think that needed closing either. What was the reason to close Evastio's thread?
  9. I just bought the last Dark Tower book last Christmas, so now I have all of the books in the series. If Roland dies, hopefully it won't be until the end.

    I'm reading Dark Tower too, and now I know what happens! Woe is me! (I'm on Wizard and Glass. Mitch wrote Roldan so I didn't know who he was talking about, and then you wrote ROLAND. Not Roland! I don't want him to die!)
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